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Love Runs Out

I really love the cut of this skirt and even the style of the top.  While it has that traditional peplum to it, there are some great cut outs on the sides that adds a little something different to it.

Both the top and skirt can be found at Collabor88 this month AND you can even find the shoes, with those perfect bows on them AND the lovely necklace there too!

Another mention is the hair, it has this slightly-messy-tossed up look to it, and then you add on those flowers..and it gives it such the romantic feel.

I’m just standing on the dock waiting for a date… speaking of the dock!  This is probably my favorite pier/dock, etc… set made yet.  I love that there are assorted pieces that can work to make it fit however you’ve decided to lay out your land.  All of the pieces come separately and there a couple pre-built as well just in case you’ve got the cooker cutter setup going for you!

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Raging Fire

I really wanted to share with you this absolutely amazing home that was just released for Collabor88.  It is really more of a multi building layout in that you’ve got all these smaller spaces centered around a coutyard area.  It is one of those unique spaces that you can really make your own and enjoy in SL.  I think more creators should try and build homes that have different layouts and courtyard areas.  They are some of my favorites.

You can also find this perfect dress and hair at Collabor88, if you were wondering.  The dress is SO well done, I honestly would just save yourself the time and fatpack.  You will need them all.

Speaking of fatpacking.. these shoes y’all.  They come with those adorable socks and you can change the sock color.  They are like…the most fantastic thing since sliced bread tho, really.

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Beating Heart

Tomorrow is the 8th.  Well…technically it is the 8th for me right now since it is just after midnight, but as far as your Second Life is concerned, it is tomorrow.  Glad we cleared that up.

Why am I mentioning this?  Collabor88!!!  *does my happy collabor88 dance*

I have managed for once to get in an early posting because I am so in freaking love with this dress.  I put it on, and knew I had to take a pic in my new garden.  But it isn’t just the dress…this hair.. are you kidding me?  amazing.  And even this lovely necklace that finishes off the whole look  –  all of it you can grab at Collabor88. (when it opens.. which is tomorrow, okay.)

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There Is A Stone

This pic maybe has been sitting on my flickr stream for a week or more.  But I am getting around to blogging it, so there you go!

The things you need to know:

I love this new >TRUTH< hair hard.  I also love this amazing new -Belleza- skin Ria…AND the gorg new dress from Baiastice.  Of course, I say “new”  but we all know I am a blogging slacker, so in fact the items have been out for a week or so now. Sorry.

Oh yeah…and how about this entire AH-MAH-ZING living room??  Just about everything you see here comes from the new set from Bazar.  I couldn’t love it all more.

Love To Decorate Magazine March/April 2014

I’ve been super excited to share this with you guys and I’ve kept it under wraps.. which is like.. DIFFICULT.  I was asked to join the Love To Decorate Magazine staff about 2 months ago?  And now the first issue I am a part of has just been released.

Most of you know the magazine thing is pretty comfortable for me since I was the editor with Second Style and a stylist with Role magazine in the past – but it has been a couple of years now since I’ve decided to get back into something like that.  This is the first time I’ve been approached and the offer was something I was truly interested in.

I love so much to decorate and it is probably just about my favorite part of my Second Life – so it doesn’t at all feel like work.

This issue I was asked to style AND photograph a sort of indoor garden.  I went with an atrium space and I filled it up with all of my absolute favorite things.

Click here to check out my piece in LTD Magazine and see lots more images from my Atrium Garden!

Dear No One

Some things never change… some of my favorite clothes still are from Tres Blah.  I am pretty sure some of my very first ever purchases were from there back when I was a noob.  I can fondly remember finding Juliette’s shop and thinking I struck gold.

This jacket/top combo and the pants are from Tres Blah and are available at this month’s round of Collabor88.  You can also find the hair I am wearing there as well as the entry table, bowtie picture frame and that fantabulous chair there as well. PLUS… the skybox which is a really gorgeous loft that you totally need… you can find that at collabo88 tooooo.

Shop Collabor88

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I Wish I Could Break Your Heart

I was watching the video to the title of my blog post and there was a bit of bokeh here and there… so I thought oh… I should do something a little different with this post…how about some bokeh.

Yep, that is how my inspiration works – yer welcome.

hehehee… I am just sharing some more of my personal faves from this round of Collabor88.  Hair, Jewelry, Jacket and Skirt all came from this month’s round!  Fab huh?

Shop Collabor88

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When I logged in to blog this afternoon I realized it has been a month since my last blog.  I have to apologize to my readers… I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long without blogging since I started my blog.  My RL is under quite a bit of stress, and I’ve had to really change my priorities.  I hope I will be able to blog more often again soon.  In the mean time… don’t give up on me <3

Annnnnywho. Today is the best day of the month… Collabor88 opened.  Wooooo!  Nothing gets me logging in like seeing what all of my favorite creators have done with a common theme. This one is fabulous, as you can tell.  I’ve completely restocked my office apparel & accessories ;)

So… the desk, and numerous accessories even the skybox I’m photographing in are all from collabor88 AND what I am wearing from my shoes to my clothes, hair and even my glasses… all can be found there as well.

Go shop collabor88!

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And here is something completely different for me!  =P

Inspiration – February Collabor88! You NEED to visit and buy all the things, so much good. My horns, dress, hair and jewelry can all be found there – run don’t walk! Read More


If you keep up with my flickr you will recognize the new house, as I’ve taken quite a few pics of the interior lately.  If not.. then here is a little peak inside my lovely new home.

I really wanted to share this hair because I am so in love with it and have been wearing it constantly lately.  Plus I picked up this adorable shirt/skirt set AND I’ve got these fantastic new shoes!!  So the background is just a bonus ;)

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