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Try Again

My SL home is an epic mess guys.  I have just random floating objects all over my living room – like pots and dishes from a kitchen that isn’t even there, one lonely chair and a bookcase sat awkwardly by my fireplace….  I am telling you this because I get all sorts of compliments on my decor and how nice my spaces always are, and I just want you to know that I am in fact a train wreck.

So don’t feel so bad about your house if you think it isn’t as well put together as mine.  It might appear that I am living in a new lovely space every other week but – The cake is a lie.

That all being said.. I do have 2 lovely bedrooms at the moment the above is the new one I decorated last night.  It is super girly I think, with the vanity and accessories and the gorgeous bed – Loving it really.

The vanity set (including the hat boxes, wall hanger, mirror and poof) are all available at collabor88 and so is the super cute music box which is animated AND plays music!  The shirt I am wearing can also be found there and it comes in a bunch of great colors – plus it includes a untucked version which is handy!

That gorgeous bed btw can be scooped up at The Garden, and it also comes in a few different versions including a cute kiddie one if you are in the market for that sorta thing! =)

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Under Control

Sweater dresses and my bare feet skipping through my yard – looking at all the colors forming on the trees, things are changing – not a care in the world!

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Hold On, We’re Going Home

I haven’t done a “simple” pic like this in a while, but I loved this look I was wearing so much, and I just wanted it to stand out on its own a bit.

My outfit and pendant are both from this new round of collabor88 – this sweater & skirt combo comes in a few different colors and I adore the belt that comes with the sweater.  Just perfect, really.

Visit Collabor88!

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The Way We Touch

You didn’t think it would be too long before I was prancing around in some sorta costumes, right?  If you’ve been with me since the beginning you know this is like my faveeeee time of year.  I love dressing up and having a bit of Halloween fun.  I will gladly take the opportunity to exploit the holiday ALL month.

Thank  you Collabor88 for giving me lots of new ways to do it this month.  My outfit, adorb pink kicks, hair and *squeeeee*  mask are all from this round- which opened today!

Oh yeah, and you can even find this absolutely perfect little seasonal cottage at Collabor88 too!  The fantastic pumpkins on the porch aren’t from the event, but if you check out the deets below the cut I will tell you where to grab them too ;)

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All Of Me

Loving this new turtleneck!  Something different – just what I needed in my SLife. The matching skirt with belt is pretty fantastic as well and they both come in tons of colors – I’ve chosen to mix and match a bit!

The outfit as well as the jewelry AND this sock/shoe combo can all be found at the new round of FAMESHED!

Oh and my hair.. one of the new release from the ever amazing Truth Hawks.  He is a pretty awesome friend that guy <3

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Wrecking Ball

The new round of The Liaison Collaborative is now open and I’m sporting some pretty spectacular new boots that are available there!  These boots come in both the mens & womens versions.. YAY for us ladies!  Gave me a reason to dig up my fave pair of overalls really.

The skin I am wearing is also available for this round of the event.  Interesting little factoid – this truck bed – BED and tire bookcase are made by the same creator of the boots.  See what I did there putting them all together in one blog?  Clever huh?  Or just lazy?? =P

Either way –  you need it all – check the credits for deets <3  & Visit TLC!

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Loved Me Back To Life

Sunday afternoons spent quietly walking and looking at the trees changing colors on the sim.  <3

I love this new hair so much that I need to find a dozen more reasons to wear it, at least!  It isn’t from collabor88….but just about everything else I’ve got on is!

Shop Collabor88

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Who Owns My Heart

More Fall goodness from Collabor88!  Please be sure you don’t miss all the great items that are out for this round – such fab things that will make you want to redecorate yourself and your home <3

Visit Collabor88

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Summertime Sadness

Who’s favorite time of year is Fall??? THIS GIRL.

I am so freakin’ pleased it is September, and while in RL that means it is still summer in my part of the world – at least in SL I can just presto-chango – - FALL.

TURTLENECKS AND SCARVES Y’ALL!  Turtlenecks and scarves.

Oh, I got off subject I think maybe – point being that this round of Collabor88 is all about FALL. What a great way to roll in the season, a whole event full of wonderful new pieces for your wardrobe and home.

I’m wearing Hair, Skin, Dress, Boots and Necklace all from this round of Collabor88 – I can tell you you definitely need every last item!

Shop Collabor88!

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Grow Old With Me

Since I am a blogging maniac today….here is another!

This lovely top I am wearing is a Gacha item that will be available at the upcoming 24 event.  It is really darling, I love the cut on it as well as the collar…and it looks super cute with my new skirt!

I also want to mention this fountain bridge which is also going to be available at The 24.  Not only is it impeccably crafted but it is packed with fantastic poses – singles and couples.  Love love loveeee it!

Definitely be sure to visit The 24 – it opens on August 23rd.  For more information and details visit their blog: Siren Productions

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