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I’m Like A Bird

It is official…Summer is upon us!  So I put on a fabulous new mesh tank set, great updo hair and my flip-flops and hit the beach.

I just wish I could really feel the salty beach air on my skin ;)

Have a great weekend <3

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When I’m Gone


I’m feeling a little nerdy today. Okay – this is probably too smexy to be nerdy, don’t you think?! I love when I wear glasses but I always forget to put them on.  I suck at accessorizing.  Thank goodness Collabor88 makes it easy!

Just about everything you see here came from the event!  Hair, Glasses, Top, Skirt, bracelet AND necklace.  Yep.

Oh..know what else?  This amazing windmill is there as well:

AND.. This couch:

You can dress up your home as well as yourself.

This round is really full of fun looks and accessories, you can definitely find some bright colors for the spring, so head over!

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Don’t You Worry Child

Annnnnd I’m back with more Collab-goodness!  I think these scarves *might* be my favorite of all of this round’s items.  I do love scarves, and these are cute with a lovely bow detail.  This hair is pretty amazing as well though, and so is this dress….and the ring… *sigh*  I’m even wearing a darling skin that is available at the event!

So much good!

Shop Collabor88

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Sweet Nothing

SO MUCH TO SHARE!  Lets jump right in…

I think these holiday decorations are so beautiful they can easily be used as a backdrop for my pics! They actually illuminate on click as well, and they come in an assortment of colors.  The “glass” on them is so beautiful, I am constantly in awe of what is being accomplished in SL.  Truly.

Anyway, moving on… I thought I’d give an applier clothing layer a shot this round on my new mesh boobs!  This turtleneck dress was perfect, and obviously you can get away wear this with jeans, since it is such a tiny sweater.  It comes with a great looking mesh color and skirt flap too.

How cute are my boot/sock things?  I am not sure what to call them… slippers?  They look like slippers I’ve seen RL, so I guess that could be?  Anyway, they are going to be available for The Arcade Gacha event coming up real soon!  Everyone loves gacha!  Plus, these happen to be uber cute and come in lots of fun color combos.

I forgot to mention this lovely new jewelry store that opened recently – Cae.  Caelan Hancroft is the creator behind the jewelry, and she really is doing such an impressive job with her original mesh creations. You should pay the shop a visit and pick up some pretty new adornments.

Finally I thought I should also mention the With Love Hunt is rapidly approaching.  This skin I am wearing will be one of the hunt items.  How can you beat such a lovely looking face for just 10L??  I am sure I will have more WLH items to share soon!

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Thought I’d share just a few more of my faves from this round of Collabor88!  Top, pants AND hair are all from the event.  In addition to what I am wearing this rustic barrel bath as well as the stone surround are also available there.

Shop Collabor88

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Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

The newest collection from Collabor88 started 2 days ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to blogging it!  There was SO much in the way or gorgeous clothing this round.  I was really hard pressed to try to select just a few things.

But I did narrow it down to a few looks!  I went with their theme and kept to this beachy monotone.  Faves…hmmmm…. The top from W&B, the dress from Kyoot and the Necklace from Yummy?! I dunno… I love it all.

There is also a gorgeous skybox from Trompe Loeil, a super cute hot tub from LISP and and and…yeah..just go shop.

Visit Collabor88

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Good Girl

Imagine my horror when the boys are standing with me yesterday morning and one of them says “OMG You are wearing the same outfit as yesterday…” and the other quickly agrees.  I had to defensively point out that this was only because I was planning on blogging and hadn’t yet photographed myself.  SHESH!  This is what happens when you never wear the same thing twice, they start expecting it. Rude.

Anyway, y’all will be happy to know I’m gonna change…I’ve got a new mesh bikini waiting for me… with the new island what else am I supposed to wear all day?!

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Beekeeper’s Daughter

Another month has quickly come and gone, and there is all sorts of amazing newness for Collabor88, starting today!

I am really impressed with this month’s selection.  I actually had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to blog because I adored TONS of items.  Great pieces of clothing, hair, home accessories, jewelry, shoes…

Most of the things I’m sharing are available at Collabor88, check all my credits for complete details!

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Mr. Know It All

Mr. Know It All

Sometimes you need to just put on a fun outfit, some kicks and throw your hair in pigtails.  Today was that day.

I did want to share something with y’all though, so I am glad you are here!  I will be participating in next week’s Second Life Fashion Expert Days, along with a bunch of other really great bloggers.  The event runs from September 18th – 21st, and you can catch me on the official Second Life Community Blogs on the 18th!  After my blog posts I will be hanging around the forums for the duration of the day (9am – 4pm SLT).  While I am there I will be chatting it up with residents, answering questions, giving out suggestions and advice, etc.

It seems like it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and for some users who don’t have as much experience with the Second Life fashion world to get their feet wet.  So basically, you should stop by and say hi, because you love me.

For complete details on the event check out the Second Life Community Blogs.

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Set Fire To The Rain


Today’s inspiration, or rather yesterday’s since I was too lazy to finish this blog last night, was/is the new set of poses from Diesel Works.  I loooove all of the new poses that Rogan created, this particular set has a sexy/fun edge to it, in my opinion.   So that being said, I thought this new halter top and shorts would be perfect.  The halter btw is completely sculpted, and now that you know that you must be very impressed!  =P

This is last week’s Truth hair, but still lovely as ever, and some great jewelry accessories to complete the look.

Happy Sunday, go shop!

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