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Hey Love

A few special things I wanted to share this morning:

First, The Liaison Collaborative’s first round of The Garden just opened and I am sharing this absolutely adorable set!  The Caravan itself is full of cute poses and the interior has a great little kitchen.  There is stool seeing outside, plus the lovely table with Tea dispenser and accessories.  Something perfect for some spring fun!

Second, have you visited the all new Baiastice sim? It has an entirely new build – which is gorgeous!  I’m wearing a new release that coincides with the sim revamp.  The hat, top and shorts come in lots of really great colors and everything is mesh!

On a side note…SHOES!  That is all I have to say about that.

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Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?

I had the chance to visit Neva River a few days ago, and it really is such a beautiful sim, I encourage you to make the visit if you haven’t already!  The sim closes to the public after the 30th I believe, just fyi.

Neva River Sim

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Picture To Burn

I finally had a good reason to go pick up this cute/retro do – I thought it really complimented my Sunday look!

This skirt is adorable, comes in multiple colors and prints and is available at fameshed. I paired it up with an old belt and sweater and this gorgeous necklace which can also be found at fameshed.

Annnnd if you didn’t happen to notice I am wearing the all new face from Belleza – Amy.  The full release isn’t available just yet but we’ve got a great sampling available in store at Belleza Best Buys (which ends this evening…so you had better run your booty over and grab them – only 400L$ each!!)  and also available at our Whore Couture Fair booth! The makeup I’m showing off is from WCF, just fyi! <3

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Sad Beautiful Tragic

I finally decided to put some clothes on.  Mainly because I had these fantastic new pants that needed wearing.  They are mesh, and the bow belt is color change via hud.  I thought I’d dress them up a bit since I had this fur tippet/necklace set I’ve been meaning to use.  Plus… hello gorgeous new hand bag that was just released = Perfection!

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Living In The Moment

Pretty sure I could pull a very similar look together from my RL closet.  I <3 scarves and sweaters – sunglasses and big leather bags.  I love this look for all the bright colors, I tend to wear so much brown, so when I put on these GORGEOUS new mesh apricot colored jeans I decided to step outside my color comfort zone.  I  might have to stay in this for quite a while, I really do adore the look.

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Bad For Me

I believe it was just a few days ago I was pleading on plurk for designers to start making some mesh turtlenecks?  Ohhhh and lookie what I’ve got!  \o/

If you’ve been reading along with my ramblings for a while, you will know turtlenecks are just about my favorite thing, besides a gorgeous scarf.  So I’ve got my first for the season, and it is lovely!  Great button details on the collar and sleeve, and even a fantastic mesh skirt to go along with it!

They can be found at this months FaMESHed event.

Happiness <3

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Just Give me A Reason

I don’t get much of a chance to do something a bit more dramatic, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Probably the latter.  But this gown just needed some dramatic lighting, so I went with this!  Good experiment for me playing with black and white settings, and adjusting hues…to get this slightly sepia tone.

Anyway, this gown is really gorgeous, and you get a lot of options with it, you can wear it as a pantsuit as well.  The top can be worn with out the semi sheer insert, with our without the sash and the gloves and collar are also optional. There are sheer panties and bra, AND stockings that come with it too!  Plus, you cannot see the back of the gown, but it is very revealing with a deep cut option.  One of the prettiest new things I’ve gotten with soooo many options!

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Feel Again

I absolutely love every little thing about this dress!  It is classy, sexy, simple and created in complete perfection. I knew I wanted to pick it up in the black color so I could wear it with my favorite new shoes!  I even managed to find a big huge messy updo that suited it perfectly.

While I am talking about perfection… remember that amazing skybox I showed off a couple of weeks ago?  Well the creator is getting the attention he deserves.  EVERYTHING you see in the above image (with exception of me) was created by him and is available for sale at the newest edition of FaMESHed! Please make sure you check his stuff out when you shop there, everything is very reasonably priced, and the details are just immaculate.

I think if I had to pick a favorite item it would be the fireplace.  The inlaid tiles and the “carved” floral work on top – just brilliant!  His new store officially opened today as well, so be sure to visit and make sure you keep an eye on this one y’all, I anticipate great things!

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Not As We

Plan on seeing lots more pics taken in my new skybox, I love it so much and I might as well use it for SOMETHING!  lol

Really though, I adore this new dress, I am so glad I got it in this bold pattern, and the new hair and shoes were a perfect fit for the look.

Look…my puppy and I match too!

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Some Nights

Lets talk about the ridiculous shoes.  They are magnificent, and I am lucky enough to have 2 gorgeous pairs. Plan on seeing them a lot.  Thank you to my amazing friends who gifted them to me when I tortured myself on plurk over making the 950L$ purchase.  Thing is, I couldn’t convince myself to spend 950L$ on a pair of shoes.  Not to say they aren’t worth ever L$, they are and I am sure the work that went into making them makes the price fair.  I just personally kept thinking…if I only wear them a handful of times, is the money spent on them worth it?

Thanks to my friends I didn’t have to torture myself over it.  And they are worth it, I promise.

My dress is a lovely new mesh number from a new store and my adorable do, is also new new new, go shop!

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