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Raging Fire

I really wanted to share with you this absolutely amazing home that was just released for Collabor88.  It is really more of a multi building layout in that you’ve got all these smaller spaces centered around a coutyard area.  It is one of those unique spaces that you can really make your own and enjoy in SL.  I think more creators should try and build homes that have different layouts and courtyard areas.  They are some of my favorites.

You can also find this perfect dress and hair at Collabor88, if you were wondering.  The dress is SO well done, I honestly would just save yourself the time and fatpack.  You will need them all.

Speaking of fatpacking.. these shoes y’all.  They come with those adorable socks and you can change the sock color.  They are like…the most fantastic thing since sliced bread tho, really.

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Beating Heart

Tomorrow is the 8th.  Well…technically it is the 8th for me right now since it is just after midnight, but as far as your Second Life is concerned, it is tomorrow.  Glad we cleared that up.

Why am I mentioning this?  Collabor88!!!  *does my happy collabor88 dance*

I have managed for once to get in an early posting because I am so in freaking love with this dress.  I put it on, and knew I had to take a pic in my new garden.  But it isn’t just the dress…this hair.. are you kidding me?  amazing.  And even this lovely necklace that finishes off the whole look  –  all of it you can grab at Collabor88. (when it opens.. which is tomorrow, okay.)

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When I logged in to blog this afternoon I realized it has been a month since my last blog.  I have to apologize to my readers… I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long without blogging since I started my blog.  My RL is under quite a bit of stress, and I’ve had to really change my priorities.  I hope I will be able to blog more often again soon.  In the mean time… don’t give up on me <3

Annnnnywho. Today is the best day of the month… Collabor88 opened.  Wooooo!  Nothing gets me logging in like seeing what all of my favorite creators have done with a common theme. This one is fabulous, as you can tell.  I’ve completely restocked my office apparel & accessories ;)

So… the desk, and numerous accessories even the skybox I’m photographing in are all from collabor88 AND what I am wearing from my shoes to my clothes, hair and even my glasses… all can be found there as well.

Go shop collabor88!

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Please Come Home For Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… well..that is what they say anyway!

I’ve bundled up to head out for some last-minute shopping, looking fabbbbulous in lots of newness from collabor88!

My hair, Vest, Necklace and Pants… ALL can be acquired at this month’s round!

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Summertime Sadness

Who’s favorite time of year is Fall??? THIS GIRL.

I am so freakin’ pleased it is September, and while in RL that means it is still summer in my part of the world – at least in SL I can just presto-chango – - FALL.

TURTLENECKS AND SCARVES Y’ALL!  Turtlenecks and scarves.

Oh, I got off subject I think maybe – point being that this round of Collabor88 is all about FALL. What a great way to roll in the season, a whole event full of wonderful new pieces for your wardrobe and home.

I’m wearing Hair, Skin, Dress, Boots and Necklace all from this round of Collabor88 – I can tell you you definitely need every last item!

Shop Collabor88!

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Music To Make Boys Cry

August 8th is the 2nd birthday edition of Collabor88.  Which if you’ve got your clocks set – opens in approximately 9 hours (midnight SLT).   What is so special about Collab’s 2nd birthday you ask??  Well… They’ve invited all of the previous participants – whether they be guest or regular participant – to come back for this round! Which, in this case means we’ve got SEVENTY amazing creators giving you the things you MUST have.

I’m starting off by sharing just a very tiny sampling of the gorgeous that can be found at this round.  Can you guess the theme????? =P

This entire furniture set is being offered in two color combinations and every last bit of it can be found at Collabor88.

My hair is there as well, and comes in two styles.  This stunning dress comes in tons of beautiful colors which are completely perfect for the period of the theme, the whole dress is really – just perfect.  I think it might be my favorite thing thus far from Sissy – gorgeous job girl <3

Stunning Jewelry & Tiara, and my pose as well ALL from this round of Collabor88. I know you don’t need another reason…

Shop Collabor88 (when it opens!)

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I Could Not Ask For More

Haven’t you always dreamed of wearing some amazing designer custom gown and walking the red carpet at a premiere with some dreamy guy on your arm? No?  Must just be me then.

At any rate – if this is a fun little fantasy you were looking to fulfill – you can totally do so at the Love Donna Flora event that is opening on the 25th.  This set with built-in poses (for singles AND couples) comes with the with the LDF logo backdrop.  AND this knockout gown I am wearing can be found there as well.

I also have a special personal interest as far as wanting you all to visit the event, you see…. I designed the sim, and I’m going to share a few shots that I took when I was all finished:

The sim has lots of great areas to take photos, especially in the little village I arranged at the top of the hill.  The entire sim has a very rustic Tuscan feel to it, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think…

Anyway, I really hope you take the time to go and pay a visit, there are well over 100 creators participating, and the proceeds raised are going to benefit “one of our own”, could there be a better reason to shop than helping a peer?  If you’d like more details about the event visit the Love Donna Flora Blog.

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Here Comes The Rain Again

Collabor88 has a really fun theme this month!  I love all of the things the creators have come together to make it work too.

I’m sharing a few of my faves – The umbrella, hair, top and skirt are all from this round!

I love the flower that is on the underside of this great umbrella, and there are a few cute poses to hold it, this one worked well with the pose I was using on the balcony.

One of those great things I’ve mentioned before about collabor88 is that you can piece together different tops/bottoms and they all work so well when everyone is working off the same theme – which is exactly what I did here.

And finally this skybox!  I LOVE it…so much that I’ve set up my new residence in it.  It is set to a rainy theme, and comes complete with the rain! Love!  I thought I’d share some interior shots so you can see just what a perfect layout it has (besides being absolutely gorgeous to look at):

For me – small spaces are ideal.  I like to be able to fill them up with all of my favorite things and make it feel just like home. So the “studio” feel of this space suits me perfect.  While the bedroom/living/kitchen are all open they still have definite defining spaces.  Plus the perfect roomy bathroom.  So happy to be “home”!

Visit collab to check all these great finds out!
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When I’m Gone


I’m feeling a little nerdy today. Okay – this is probably too smexy to be nerdy, don’t you think?! I love when I wear glasses but I always forget to put them on.  I suck at accessorizing.  Thank goodness Collabor88 makes it easy!

Just about everything you see here came from the event!  Hair, Glasses, Top, Skirt, bracelet AND necklace.  Yep.

Oh..know what else?  This amazing windmill is there as well:

AND.. This couch:

You can dress up your home as well as yourself.

This round is really full of fun looks and accessories, you can definitely find some bright colors for the spring, so head over!

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Heart Attack

Favorite. Collabor88 Event. EVER.  The theme this round is New Romance.  Everything is pretty colors, soft, feminine.  Lovely.

I will probably need to blog another dozen times to share all the things I am loving this round. So you might just want to head over and buy it all in the meantime!

What I’m wearing from Collabor88?  Hair, Necklace, Top & Skirt!  AND my pose is also from the event.  I mixed things up by combining a shirt from one creator and a skirt from another, which really…isn’t that the idea of collab?  Love when things go together so well!

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