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Chelsea Dagger

Chelsea Dagger

What is there to say about Winter Jefferson that hasn’t already been said?  It isn’t every day that you meet a guy who is not only a diva but also a vampire.  His sense of style far exceeds mine, and his sense of humor is amongst my favorite, to say our little photoshoot was full of giggles would be putting it mildly.  But aside of all that, he and I have been friends a couple of years now, and while we seem to hardly keep in touch these days, he has always been supportive and kind.  I think the very first time we ever chatted was when I had IM’d him to volunteer for a date auction a few years ago (while wildly successful – anything Winter is involved with is – it was not my most favorite events, for personal reasons LOL).  At any rate, it makes me smile whenever we do have a quick chat, and besides all the blood sucking and teasing, he is a pretty decent dead guy.

I decided to go with an amazing new release that I’ve been eying up, I needed a good reason for a dramatic dress, I knew this would be it!  As you can see, like I said earlier, Winter has a great sense of style!  When I asked him to participate, I sent him a picture of what I was going to wear, and he (after sending me a disturbing return picture) styled himself to compliment me so well.  He even decided his lipstick was too much at the last minute…… =P THANK YOU WINTER <3

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