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Love To Decorate Magazine March/April 2014

I’ve been super excited to share this with you guys and I’ve kept it under wraps.. which is like.. DIFFICULT.  I was asked to join the Love To Decorate Magazine staff about 2 months ago?  And now the first issue I am a part of has just been released.

Most of you know the magazine thing is pretty comfortable for me since I was the editor with Second Style and a stylist with Role magazine in the past – but it has been a couple of years now since I’ve decided to get back into something like that.  This is the first time I’ve been approached and the offer was something I was truly interested in.

I love so much to decorate and it is probably just about my favorite part of my Second Life – so it doesn’t at all feel like work.

This issue I was asked to style AND photograph a sort of indoor garden.  I went with an atrium space and I filled it up with all of my absolute favorite things.

Click here to check out my piece in LTD Magazine and see lots more images from my Atrium Garden!

One Day

It really is entirely more fun for me to arrange a dozen rooms, find perfect WL settings and then edit them in photoshop for an hour… rather than come over here to my blog and post a little blurb and style notes.

So I’ve been neglecting my little blog quite a bit, and I am trying to get my head back in the game.  Thought I’d kick it off with a little post about this lovely new living room set from Trompe Loeil (Cory Edo).  The chair, side table, water feature over the fireplace, ottoman and screen are all part of the new set.  It is really glorious and as always Cory does an excellent job with rich textures.

The quality content that I keep seeing lately makes the photographer’s job easier and easier these days.  This pic really isn’t edited all that much, besides messing around with lighting.

I am not going to bother with all the other details, but if there is something you are dying to know about, poke me!

You can find this set at this month’s FaMESHed!

The Flame

Thought I’d kick off some blogging about the new round of Collabor88 with some home decor!

This amazing skybox suits the industrial theme so perfectly, and there were tons of furniture pieces to choose from to accessorize it with. Like this couch, which is actually modular pieces that I’ve fit together to this shape. The living room set comes with some other great pieces as well like the artwork over the fireplace and the coffee table and stack of books. You can even find the great mother of pearl inlaid dresser there and the vase on the fireplace!

The cozy chair you spot in the corner isn’t available at collabor88 but it is also new and fabulous with single and couple poses! You can find that gem at The Neighborhood.

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Miss Movin’ On

I was SUPER excited to get this new dining room set that is available at The Neighborhood event!  I saw some sneak peeks of it during creation on plurk and I just knew it was going to be gorg – so ofc it is. It really is in all the little details… things like the ties on the seat cushions, or the bolts on the table legs.. and the gorgeous runners and tableware.

I also love this whole new collection of great decorative accessories you can see tucked i the corner – shelves, books, covered plants and paintings.  They are all worn, and fit perfect tucked into this beautiful rustic home. I happened to of just picked up this fall fireplace too and it comes all decorated just as it is – fabulous!

When I started decorating this room… it felt like an early Thanksgiving. Reminds me of a few years ago when I planned an SL Thanksgiving for my fellow american SLers.  It was such a lovely thing for all of us who were displaced and didn’t have plans.  Sometimes I miss things like that, when I’m not busy being a hermit on my platform.

Oh and while I am talking about being thankful for friends and stuff – - I was lucky enough to have a friend come and pose with me for this fantastical DOLLARBIE that you can pick up.  Yep.. this pose is just 1L$!  I think its great for friends, couples.. anything really.  Its cozy and sweet <3

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Killing Me Softly

Doesn’t this bed look ever so inviting?  Feels like the perfect place for an afternoon nap with the light trickling in through the windows.  It is a bit brisk outside but the with the warmth of the sun I’m sure I’d only need the throw blanket and some snuggling!

I think this whole set – while they are all mixed pieces from different creators – works so well together and creates a perfect Autumn hideaway.  I love these new curtains too!   The textures are really great and there are quite a few colors, plus the over-sized chair… just another place to curl up.. maybe with a book! ;)

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The Way We Touch

You didn’t think it would be too long before I was prancing around in some sorta costumes, right?  If you’ve been with me since the beginning you know this is like my faveeeee time of year.  I love dressing up and having a bit of Halloween fun.  I will gladly take the opportunity to exploit the holiday ALL month.

Thank  you Collabor88 for giving me lots of new ways to do it this month.  My outfit, adorb pink kicks, hair and *squeeeee*  mask are all from this round- which opened today!

Oh yeah, and you can even find this absolutely perfect little seasonal cottage at Collabor88 too!  The fantastic pumpkins on the porch aren’t from the event, but if you check out the deets below the cut I will tell you where to grab them too ;)

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Now Is The Start

I was lucky enough to have this amazing home given to me by a brand new home creator – Roost Homes.  I’ve had it a couple of weeks now because I’ve had so may projects in my hands.

However I was really eager to take a shot of it to share with everyone.  This home is MESH…which is awesome, and how impressive for a new store?! This version is the smaller, and while it only has 2 bedrooms the great room is wide and open, really perfect for a lot of different styles.

Few other thing I wanted to share – these DARLING rocking chairs on the porch!  Omg they have mens and womens poses in them, and they come with different pillows, really perfect for the fall feel.

Also, how bout the new color changing options on our favorite trees??? Fall, Winter…etc.. now it will be easy as a click of a button – YES!  And finally, this amazing pathway and fencing set, also has some color options, but really fantastic for a lot of different uses, and as always brilliantly created!

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Safe And Sound

I have two amazing new home items to share with you!

First is this home, which has a very industrial/warehouse look and feel to it.  While it has that inspiration, it still remains a warm inviting home. The brick accents, and warm wood flooring really do make the space cozy.  It isn’t a tremendous home either.  I personally prefer spaces this size that I can comfortably decorate and fill up with all my fave little trinkets. The covered porch on the back gives you a great opportunity to take your fall decor outdoors.  And all of the glorious windows are an SL photographer’s dream for beautiful interior lighting. A fun little bonus is the exterior catwalk that leads up to a great rooftop!  If you have a small parcel that really takes advantage of the vertical space!

The other fab new piece I have to share is this gorgeous antique bed. I love the quilted bedding on it and the frame is really interesting and adds a bit of romance to it – if the lace throw blanket and floral pillows hadn’t already! =P  Bonus is, not only is it a beautiful looking bed but it is packed with poses that are really well done!

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Where I Sleep

How gorgeous is this bed?  Guess what? … It is packed with some AMAZING mocap poses, really fantastic original stuff.  It also has quite a few texture change options, and the bench and nightstands all work off the one menu – changing together seamlessly.

I highly recommend the set to anyone in the market, have a stop by the store – There are lots more mesh furnishings coming soon too – so you will have to visit often!

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A Matter Of Trust

New shoes, new clothes, new hair…. new dining room furniture?

Hopefully you are following my legs all the way to these gorgeous new shoes, they are just delicious you know – who needs dinner!

This is probably my favorite new hair, and this top/skirt combo is amazing as well – loving all the patterns and colors they come in!

And this dining room set – modern, clean lines, with great wood tones and has a bit of a lived in look I think.  Really great pieces for anyone’s home.


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