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Right Here Waiting

I can’t seem to get enough of the beach lately!

This tank and jeans seemed like perfect barefoot walk on the beach attire too – and a cap to hide that wind-swept beach hair ;)

All of the above are fantastic new releases – details after the cut!

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How To Be A Heartbreaker

So I bought boobs a few weeks ago, they aren’t something I can say I will really use.  I think, if you love them…awesome, more power to ya.  But for me personally, they are a little awkward looking.  I will say though, when I take them off and see how flat chested my avatar is, my RL boobs get a little sad for Fel.

So basically, this blog is dedicated to my boobs, in all their humongous glory.  Enjoy.

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Dance Again

I’ve had an amazing vacation in DISNEY!  Now I am home, and usually there is that little bit of post-vacation blues, but not this time! I can’t seem to stop smiling lately. Maybe its these amaaaaazing jeans that were waiting for me when I got home?  Messssh, how I <3 you.

It’s good to be home!

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Is Anybody Out There?

I think I stumbled over my prim feet running to buy this new mesh dress. It’s so lovely, I should have fatpacked…dammit.  Anyway, y’all need it!  Comes in a few lovely colors, and there is a new top there as well, I didn’t buy it.. *yet* because I am saving my L$ for the Mayfair sim opening \o/ Can’t. Wait.

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Holding On And Letting Go

Mesh really does make me happy. Take this belted cardigan for example… I’m in love with it.  I’m going to ride off into the sunset with it, and live happily ever after.

You know what else makes me happy?  Realizing I have new hair in my inventory that I haven’t even worn yet, and maybe a little sad too.  And whats more? AMAZING hair.  I love the way this short shoulder length do falls on my face, and while you can’t see the back, it is shaped really well for regular in-world wear.

You know what ELSE makes me happy?  Group gifts from your favorite store, wait… really well crafted necklaces that make a welcomed addition to your inventory – gifts from your favorite store.

Oh. Oh! And do you know what else makes me happy?  Awesome pose props with lots of poses and texture options, taking all the hard work out of blogging…like the one I happen to be standing in!

Today is a good day, and I am full up with happy. <3

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Just A Kiss

Nearly everything I’m wearing here is available at this month’s Collabor88!  The hair, blouse, jeans and scarf can all be found at the single location.  There is lots more that I LOVED, but I had to narrow it down, and ugh, it was tough.  There a handful of other gorgeous dresses, plus more hair…and some jewelry accessories!  Ohhh and furniture!  Oooh and for those of you who do the kitty thing, there is a special edition available at Collabor88 as well.

Go on, quit reading…shop.

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Say You’re Sorry

I’m in love with this mesh skirt, I sit and watch my AO move with it on, and my wellies are mesh also, so they are nearly as mesmerizing!

My look today is still keeping with my whole Fall theme, especially since I am using this great weekend release – a furnished cabin from What Next.  It is absolutely adorable, decor on the walls, a nice table and chairs, and a window seat with poses.  You can pick up the items separate, or get it all together for 20% off!

Its adorable, isn’t it?  And perfect for the season, don’t I look cozy in there?!

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Someone who knows what you are being vague about, who knows when you are denying the truth (even to yourself).  Someone who stands by you, and sticks up for you when you aren’t the prettiest cookie in the box.  Someone who listens to you bitch about the same thing over and over again, until they want to run screaming, yet they sit tight, and give you their ear.  Someone who always remembers to IM you, and say hi, because they know you kinda suck at that shit.  Someone who gets your jokes, has old stories that you share in common, and teases you about your strange habits.  Someone who knows your pain, feels the pain for you, wants to make everything right in your life, just because they love you dearly.  I’m lucky to have that sorta friend. <3

I’m wearing a realllllly well made mesh set, tank and skirt, which comes in a whole slew of colors.  The skirt sizes were much better fitting then I’ve seen this far, and the top is just adorable, not bulky at all.  Sophia Harlow has on some unreleased yummy stuff that you will have to hold your breath for!

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Fix You

Fix You

I’m not sure this will really count as a regular blog post, I usually have more to show off.  But I adore this new Truth hair, and the pic came out pretty.. so there you go.  Okay, let me expand, for the sake of not seeming to cheat y’all.  I have much love for Truth – Not only do I think he is a pretty fantastic guy who forgives me for our VERY numerous awkward conversations over the years… and doesn’t ALWAYS ignore my IMs… he is extraordinarily talented, but you knew that.

Oh yeah, and since I am wearing a Platinum Hunt item, I should make mention of that too, right?  Right – Earrings, lovely, Zaara.

Happy Sunday <3

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Right There

Right There

A friend of mine Ely has a really lovely new set of mix and matches out.  She came up with a fantastic selection of well coordinated colors, and there are so many different ways you can wear them.  I of course needed to pick up the teal colored set, along with a few others.  I do really love the way the pink looks with the teal tho!  Great thing is the top I am wearing under the cinch can be worn its own, or you can tuck the cinch under it.  The sleeves have a lovely menu driven color change option as well, just to add more goodness.

And oh yeah… hello to my new sultry smexy hair from Exile!  Makes me want to plurk emote – (evil_grin)

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