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Stay The Night

The Rockabilly Fashion Fair opened this past weekend, so I thought I’d share my fave dress from the event, as well as the rockin’ skin Belleza has available there.  This dress includes the top and belt all in one piece and there are a slew of color options, I went the route of what I think is the true Rockabilly flair. As a side note, I love the big booty this dress gives me, totally suits the style and I wish more clothes let me have my SL curves <3 I also thought I’d zoom out so you can see this fantastic backdrop that is available at the new round of FAMESHED.  It comes with a bunch of color options, and it is mesh.  The fabric has all the creases in it, and reflects the light like a real backdrop would.  Great little thing to add to your photo studio! Read More

Miss Movin’ On

I was SUPER excited to get this new dining room set that is available at The Neighborhood event!  I saw some sneak peeks of it during creation on plurk and I just knew it was going to be gorg – so ofc it is. It really is in all the little details… things like the ties on the seat cushions, or the bolts on the table legs.. and the gorgeous runners and tableware.

I also love this whole new collection of great decorative accessories you can see tucked i the corner – shelves, books, covered plants and paintings.  They are all worn, and fit perfect tucked into this beautiful rustic home. I happened to of just picked up this fall fireplace too and it comes all decorated just as it is – fabulous!

When I started decorating this room… it felt like an early Thanksgiving. Reminds me of a few years ago when I planned an SL Thanksgiving for my fellow american SLers.  It was such a lovely thing for all of us who were displaced and didn’t have plans.  Sometimes I miss things like that, when I’m not busy being a hermit on my platform.

Oh and while I am talking about being thankful for friends and stuff – - I was lucky enough to have a friend come and pose with me for this fantastical DOLLARBIE that you can pick up.  Yep.. this pose is just 1L$!  I think its great for friends, couples.. anything really.  Its cozy and sweet <3

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The War Is Over

I thought I’d squeeze in one last blog for the 2012 year, to give a big grand recap of my year…blah blah blah.  But then I realized I don’t really want to think much about this past year.   Lets leave it all there and move on, so much freedom in that, isn’t there?

So I’m wishing you all the freedom to move into 2013, leaving all that weighs you down behind.  There is a whole new year ahead of you full of wonderful things I hope – try something new, make new friends, be happier, tell someone you love them, etc etc.

If I wasn’t going out in RL this year, I’d certainly be wearing this gorgeous look I’ve put together.  There are a ton of new dress and gowns available for this special evening, but sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd!  <3

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I’m making a good effort to get lots of use out of the new home, and winter pics are so lovely aren’t they?

So, I’m not a real big gacha person, I know this might be like… sacrilegious to some, but it’s just not my thing.  HOWEVER, I had to have these ear muffs – well, I really wanted the owl ones, but after trying over and over I gave up =/  No owls for me.  These are still super cute though, and so is my new jacket, paired up with the boots and scarf I look all winter cozy, don’t I?

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I want to rob Felicity of this cardigan and have it in my RL =/  Soon as I saw it I had to run over and buy it.  I should have bought them in every color tbh.  ONLY thing that stinks is because it is mesh it doesn’t love any of my other mesh shirts to wear under it.  So back to shirt layers!  But I made it work, small sacrifice in the big picture.

How cute is this new step-ladder/wall art too?  Comes with a bunch of great poses as well!

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As Long As You Love Me

This lovely new skin I am wearing – Sophia – will be available at the Around The World Event starting on the 15th.   It gave me an opportunity to take a close up pic, and mess around a bit in Photoshop.  Plussss, you get a good shot of the new eyes I’m wearing, I love them!  Especially the color (hazel) because that is my RL eye color.

And I thought I’d dress it all up with this really beautiful jewelry set, which comes with a hud and has a nice selection of color change options!

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I love blogging a NEW item and mixing it up with some of my old faves.  Not only does it highlight the newness but it lets me use some of the things I’ve spent a small fortune on over the years!

Anyway – New boots.  Well, not just new boots… New GOS boots. Heavenly. Gorgeous colors. Mesh. Perfectamazingsexy. That about covers it, ey?  There is an ankle boot as well, which you will no doubt be seeing quite a bit of on this blog.  Get em’ this weekend! <3

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Broken Things

Who needs pants really?

Just wanted to share this amazzzzzing new mesh sweater that I’ve been wearing like everyday in every color.

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Just Give me A Reason

I don’t get much of a chance to do something a bit more dramatic, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Probably the latter.  But this gown just needed some dramatic lighting, so I went with this!  Good experiment for me playing with black and white settings, and adjusting hues…to get this slightly sepia tone.

Anyway, this gown is really gorgeous, and you get a lot of options with it, you can wear it as a pantsuit as well.  The top can be worn with out the semi sheer insert, with our without the sash and the gloves and collar are also optional. There are sheer panties and bra, AND stockings that come with it too!  Plus, you cannot see the back of the gown, but it is very revealing with a deep cut option.  One of the prettiest new things I’ve gotten with soooo many options!

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I did have quite a bit more to share from Collabor88!  Beautiful mesh clothing, new hair by our favorite designers, ANOTHER skybox!  (which btw would be perfect for some great photo shoots!) And lots of lovely jewelry!

Don’t let this month pass by and miss out on all of these amazing goodies.


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