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If you keep up with my flickr you will recognize the new house, as I’ve taken quite a few pics of the interior lately.  If not.. then here is a little peak inside my lovely new home.

I really wanted to share this hair because I am so in love with it and have been wearing it constantly lately.  Plus I picked up this adorable shirt/skirt set AND I’ve got these fantastic new shoes!!  So the background is just a bonus ;)

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Let Me Go

I love this shirt so much, SO much actually I needed to say it twice. It does come in some printed patterns as well, but I haven’t really worn much pink lately, and I thought it looks so nice with these amazing new trousers I have.

And I totally forgot I took this pic to blog….and then never blogged it <3

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Right Here Waiting

I can’t seem to get enough of the beach lately!

This tank and jeans seemed like perfect barefoot walk on the beach attire too – and a cap to hide that wind-swept beach hair ;)

All of the above are fantastic new releases – details after the cut!

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I’m Like A Bird

It is official…Summer is upon us!  So I put on a fabulous new mesh tank set, great updo hair and my flip-flops and hit the beach.

I just wish I could really feel the salty beach air on my skin ;)

Have a great weekend <3

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You Know I’m No Good

I was feeling really inspired by this new shirt/skirt…

Can you see the fantastic zipper detail on the side of the skirt?  Love it!  Top and skirt are both mesh, and I’ve tried the shirt with a few pairs of jeans that they work awesome with as well.

I’m wearing a Belleza skin… I mention the brand because you know we’ve never had a BLACK lipstick before.  This is a special RARE item for the upcoming Gacha machine at The Arcade. Thought it looked perfect with this particular look I’ve got going on to!  ;)

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I Need Your Love

Great new mesh dress that has tango appliers!  WHY YES THANK YOU!  Plus it is super cute and comes in a great selection of colors and belt options.

PLUS… It looks fab with these HOT new mesh boots, don’t you think??  God I love them!  They also come in so many wonderful colors… I especially appreciate when a designer takes the time to make a good assortment of brown tones since there is such a variation to work with different clothing!

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Winter Song

Starting tomorrow I’ve got family in for Christmas, so I thought I’d squeeze in one more quick blog before I disappear for a week!

I love this new jacket so much, there is both an open and closed version, and it comes in a whole rainbow of perfect colors.  I still had more new hat hair, so I got to use another…AND I even had the opportunity to use some absolutely on par for the season poses!

Loooove love love these 2 poses, the first is from a set of “Snow” poses, and the 2nd comes with the adorable sled!

And with that I wish you all (who are celebrating) a very Merry Christmas, see you in about a week <3

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I’m making a good effort to get lots of use out of the new home, and winter pics are so lovely aren’t they?

So, I’m not a real big gacha person, I know this might be like… sacrilegious to some, but it’s just not my thing.  HOWEVER, I had to have these ear muffs – well, I really wanted the owl ones, but after trying over and over I gave up =/  No owls for me.  These are still super cute though, and so is my new jacket, paired up with the boots and scarf I look all winter cozy, don’t I?

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Couple things I wanted to mention this lovely Friday morning.  First, did you get this awesome new leather biker jacket?  If you haven’t you really need it!  It comes in a TON of colors, is MESH andddd is totally sexy too.  Just sayin’.

Next – How happy am I about the fact that my FAVORITE freckles are now being sold on their own?!  ANDDD they have darker layer options tooooo!  In this shot above I am wearing the body freckles AND the face freckles to give a more noticeable freckle look.  Love!

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Broken Things

Who needs pants really?

Just wanted to share this amazzzzzing new mesh sweater that I’ve been wearing like everyday in every color.

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