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I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl

My favorite part of this whole round of The Arcade is the ridiculously awesome amount of kitchen items! Not just one creator thought to make kitchen goodies.. but THREE did. I cannot tell you how much L$ I kissed goodbye to get all of the desired pieces.. but I will admit I was quite obsessed.

As you can see I did manage to get it all though! ;)  I couldn’t squeeze every last item in, but I did my best!

Arcade items features from:

[Pixel Mode] (Tya Fallingbridge)
-tres blah- (Julliette Westerburg)
Second Spaces (Elle Kirshner)

Also, the cute little swagged pictures hanging over the sink are from Lark (Sienia Trevellion), just thought I’d mention because I’ve had quite a few ask <3

Shop The Arcade


What Now??

To quote my all time favorite show:

“I have this little substance abuse problem… expensive footwear…”  ~ Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City

Luckily in Second Life I can really pack a punch with the obsession and not damage my RL bank account nearly as much.

So.. Shoetopia is like my crack, okay?  The theme that Sophia Harlow and Anessa Stine brilliantly came up with: Shoe Heaven is fabulously interpreted with the build:

The event spans 2 sims and the whole build “floats” above the clouds.  Everything is not only gorgeous to look at, but very simple to navigate.  You know I’m a stickler for that sorta thing when it comes to events.

Anyway… Shoes.  I mean, build is great but we are here for the shoes aren’t we?  I thought I’d kick it off with this gorgeous pair of boots that are designed for the all new extra high-heeled feet from Slink.

I couldn’t resist the chance to sneak in some great clothes that are available at the new round of Collabor88 as well.  You can get this hair, corset, skirt and jewelry at the event!

OH I almost forgot!  The pose!  You can try you chances to grab it out of the gachas at Shoetopia, you will want the whole collection though – fair warning!

You cannot get into Shoetopia until the 15th, but be sure to hit up Collabor88 in the meantime! <3 Read More

Loved Me Back To Life

Sunday afternoons spent quietly walking and looking at the trees changing colors on the sim.  <3

I love this new hair so much that I need to find a dozen more reasons to wear it, at least!  It isn’t from collabor88….but just about everything else I’ve got on is!

Shop Collabor88

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Who Owns My Heart

More Fall goodness from Collabor88!  Please be sure you don’t miss all the great items that are out for this round – such fab things that will make you want to redecorate yourself and your home <3

Visit Collabor88

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Not sure HOW…but somehow… I completely forgot to blog this!!

I did a shot of all the fantastic things I could squeeze into one place from The Arcade <333

Stores that I’ve featured from The Arcade:

Apple Fall (warehousefifteendesigns)
[Pixel Mode] (Tya Fallingbridge)
-tres blah- (Julliette Westerburg)
[ba] (Barnesworth Anubis)
*bbqq* (omiluo)
*MishMish* (Aime Takaaki)
PILOT (Kaz Nayar)
Standby Inc. (Sho Kenin)
[LeeZu!] (Leezu Baxter)
[*Art Dummy!] (Gala Charron)
O.M.E.N. (Damascusvera)
Intrigue Co. (Katharine McGinnis)
Zigana (Nalena Fairey)

2 cute items NOT from Arcade but that I used because the suited the scene so well - 11th Hour (River Stromfield)’s Strike bookends/books  & Seven (Agustkov)’s True Love Sign


She Keeps Me Warm

How did this horrible thing happen?  I cannot figure it out… I find myself… EAGERLY awaiting the opening of The Arcade.  *sobs*

I blame Sophia Harlow.

But my goodness, how can I not pace eagerly as all the creators set up their machines..and stare in lust after all of the ads?  All of these lovely home items that will fill up my space with lots of tiny knick-knacks?! Must. Have. Them. All.

I am fortunate enough to already have ALL of two of my favorites I was gawking at on flickr. The top image is Second Spaces (Elle Kirshner)’s Craft Set… ALL of it (minus the chair and lamp) are goodies you can pour every last linden into her machine for.  They are SO well done and just absolutely perfect.  I want them in my RL tbh.

The 2nd image…you guys know how obsessive I am about cramming all my spaces with books here and there??  Now I have an entire NEW collection of unique looking books…and if that wasn’t enough Lark (Sienia Trevellion) even made a matching bookcase with step stool and curtain!!

I am sure I will have more to share, let the hoarding begin.

The Arcade opens September 1st, don’t break your piggy banks yet!

Grow Old With Me

Since I am a blogging maniac today….here is another!

This lovely top I am wearing is a Gacha item that will be available at the upcoming 24 event.  It is really darling, I love the cut on it as well as the collar…and it looks super cute with my new skirt!

I also want to mention this fountain bridge which is also going to be available at The 24.  Not only is it impeccably crafted but it is packed with fantastic poses – singles and couples.  Love love loveeee it!

Definitely be sure to visit The 24 – it opens on August 23rd.  For more information and details visit their blog: Siren Productions

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Music To Make Boys Cry

August 8th is the 2nd birthday edition of Collabor88.  Which if you’ve got your clocks set – opens in approximately 9 hours (midnight SLT).   What is so special about Collab’s 2nd birthday you ask??  Well… They’ve invited all of the previous participants – whether they be guest or regular participant – to come back for this round! Which, in this case means we’ve got SEVENTY amazing creators giving you the things you MUST have.

I’m starting off by sharing just a very tiny sampling of the gorgeous that can be found at this round.  Can you guess the theme????? =P

This entire furniture set is being offered in two color combinations and every last bit of it can be found at Collabor88.

My hair is there as well, and comes in two styles.  This stunning dress comes in tons of beautiful colors which are completely perfect for the period of the theme, the whole dress is really – just perfect.  I think it might be my favorite thing thus far from Sissy – gorgeous job girl <3

Stunning Jewelry & Tiara, and my pose as well ALL from this round of Collabor88. I know you don’t need another reason…

Shop Collabor88 (when it opens!)

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Little Wonders

I mentioned already, but I thought I’d share a few more gems from the amazing Love Donna Flora event <3

Shop Love Donna Flora!

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Could there be a more perfect theme for Collabor88 this month?? I think not.  I mean…summery, full of romance, beautiful colors and amazing textures.  Just perfection all around.

So I’ve got a BIG first share because seriously… I love EVERY-FREAKIN-THING.  Narrowing it down to just this bit, was painful.  But I didn’t want to inundate y’all with an enormous shopping list right off….

My hair, Jewelry and out fit are all from Collabor88 and just fit perfectly with my dreamy little romantic getaway cottage.  Which, you can find at…guess where?  Collabor88.  The bedroom furniture, the chandelier, the bench, wall art… yep, all from Collabor88!

So run, don’t walk – as quick as you can and get it all for your perfect little summer vacation!

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