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Almost Lover

FaMeshed’s new round is open, and this really elegant and simple maxi dress is available in quite a few colors and even a select few fun patterns. I’m loving it. I decided to go with the black dress so I could finally sport my highly desirable gacha ladybug necklace!  I got the RARE first try – these things never happen to me!  Plus this bracelet is also available at The Arcade and matches so well!

And how great is this pose?  It comes with the coffee mug – this is actually from a set with different mugs and poses.  Really cute, you need it.  For real.

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The Lion The Beast The Beat

This post is where I share some of my favorite things from The Arcade. ALL of this:

AND ALL of this too…

AND yeah you might need some of these cuties too…


Seriously though – the amount of talented creators working together to bring you all sorts of clever gacha items – IN-FREAKIN-SANE.

You need every last item from that Apple Fall Gacha machine – The Breakfast at Tiffanys set.  Not only is the idea clever and fantastic, etc.. the quality of those mesh items – ridiculous.

And how about those games?!  OMG.. the detail that went into all of them, and the great selection?!  So amazing, you need all of them too….sorry.

And the piggies… I really dunno what to say about them besides yep.. you need them.  Not because they will prove any real use…but they are too fucking adorable to not own.

In my first image I’m wearing a native american headdress…this can also be found at The Arcade along with the dress.  I really wanted to share this because I fell in love with it the second I saw it on the machine. SO well done.

Alright – unfortunately you’ve got to wait a couple more days before you can shop – but head over to the official Arcade site and have a browse of all the items that are available, so you can make a shopping list!  =P

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You Know I’m No Good

I was feeling really inspired by this new shirt/skirt…

Can you see the fantastic zipper detail on the side of the skirt?  Love it!  Top and skirt are both mesh, and I’ve tried the shirt with a few pairs of jeans that they work awesome with as well.

I’m wearing a Belleza skin… I mention the brand because you know we’ve never had a BLACK lipstick before.  This is a special RARE item for the upcoming Gacha machine at The Arcade. Thought it looked perfect with this particular look I’ve got going on to!  ;)

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Best of Friends

How cute am I this Tuesday morning??

I wanted to real quick share these ADORABLE Rag Dolls coming to The Arcade from The Secret Store.  There is a huge selection of differently dressed dolls – different fabrics, hats, and even some wearing monkey suits!  They are avatars, and even come with a perfect AO, which I took a quick video of to share with you:

That is my first time making a video too btw! GO ME!

Anyway, the Rag Doll I am sharing is called Alice (surely for the Alice in Wonderland-esque look)  Definitely have a run over to The Arcade when it opens June 1st and grab a few of these cuties!

Love Somebody

Home & Garden Expo is rapidly approaching y’all!  How excited are we??  I do love a fair for clothing, or hair, or shoes…etc etc etc… BUT… I LOVE a fair for my home – landscaping, decor, homes…etc.  Happy Day!

The expo opens on the 24th at noon SLT and runs through June 2nd. Oh, and ummm the expo spans NINE sims… NINE!  Good grief, so much newness to be had.

This adorable patio set I am seated at happens to be from the upcoming expo, and this particular green color it is available in – all proceeds are going to the RFL charity.

I  couldn’t help myself in not blogging some fashion as well though – so I’m bringing you yet some more of my faves from collabor88! This hair, top, earrings, shorts and ring – ALL lovely pieces you can pick up at collab!

More information on Home & Garden Expo

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Never Should Have

I’m sure you’ve heard that Fameshed is celebrating their one year anniversary this month?  The list of talented creators is just jaw dropping. So I thought I’d give you a very very very tiny sample of some of the good you can get there.

My entire outfit, dress, scarf and jewelry all came from the event, and the dress comes in some fabbbb color combos.

This kitchen can also be found at the event and I believe it comes in FOURTEEN different colors – plus it comes in a PG and Adult version.  Great thing about it, if you are anything like me and you need to have something to work in a specific space not only does it have a rezzer and come preset but you can also rez individual pieces!  Brilliant!

Shop Fameshed

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Heart Attack

Favorite. Collabor88 Event. EVER.  The theme this round is New Romance.  Everything is pretty colors, soft, feminine.  Lovely.

I will probably need to blog another dozen times to share all the things I am loving this round. So you might just want to head over and buy it all in the meantime!

What I’m wearing from Collabor88?  Hair, Necklace, Top & Skirt!  AND my pose is also from the event.  I mixed things up by combining a shirt from one creator and a skirt from another, which really…isn’t that the idea of collab?  Love when things go together so well!

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Collab time y’all!  I’m particularly excited this round because Apple is guesting with a fantastic collab between Apple Fall & Scarlet Creative.   Apple made this gorgeous home you see in the images above, it is an old redone barn house and the lovely Charlotte made furniture and accessories to compliment it.  You need it all trust me…and the price…a STEAL!

I did manage to throw on some new clothes from this round too!  This top is great, and suits the jeans that were released by the creators months ago.  Plus, gorgeous new hair paired with an adorable headband annndddd beautiful timeless jewelry.

Go on and shop, there is a ton you simply must acquire!

Collabor88 SLURL

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Girl On Fire

I wanted to share some new items coming to FAIR, and somehow in the midst of listening to this great song 100,000 times on repeat I decided to waste a massive amount of time making myself an owl tattoo.  I dunno why I do the things I do sometimes.

At any rate – I managed to refocus and actually show off this great new skin and ripped tights that will be available at this round of FAIR.  I love the lips on this skin, the gloss is perfect, and it makes me look quite sweet.  The ripped tights are also a winner, you need them.  Really.

Oh hey, and how about this fantastic new hair?  I am SO in love with the faded colors, keep em coming!

Visit FAIR (new round opens Saturday)

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