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If you keep up with my flickr you will recognize the new house, as I’ve taken quite a few pics of the interior lately.  If not.. then here is a little peak inside my lovely new home.

I really wanted to share this hair because I am so in love with it and have been wearing it constantly lately.  Plus I picked up this adorable shirt/skirt set AND I’ve got these fantastic new shoes!!  So the background is just a bonus ;)

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Just Another Girl

The Arcade starts tomorrow!

The grid is bubbling with excitement – everyone making their lists, deciding on a plan of action.  Whether it will be to patiently wait to trudge through the sea of lag at The Arcade and dump thousands of L$ into the machine(s) of choice.  OR perhaps they will choose to scour all of the yard sales in search of their crowning jewel in their ever growing collection of STUFF.

We all need stuff, don’t we?  STUFF is what makes us happy.

I just did a quick post of a very few of the fab items that can be found starting tomorrow:

Skin: -Belleza- (Tricky Boucher)
Hair/Dress: ::Exile:: (Kavar Cleanslate)
Owl Necklace: MG (Maxi Gossamer)
Igloo: {what next} (Winter Thorn)

All of them exclusively available at The Arcade.  \o/

Felicity’s Hair Fair 2013 Faves…

So I’m a bit swamped this year with projects and RL stuff, but I always like to share my faves from Hair Fair and here they are in a nifty little slideshow:

Hair Fair officially opens tomorrow!  For complete details and SLURLS when it opens visit the Hair Fair Blog.

I’m Like A Bird

It is official…Summer is upon us!  So I put on a fabulous new mesh tank set, great updo hair and my flip-flops and hit the beach.

I just wish I could really feel the salty beach air on my skin ;)

Have a great weekend <3

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I might have fallen asleep on this extremely comfortable inflatable chair. =P

Some more awesome 90′s goodies!  My Jean short overalls, my jewelry set, the inflatable chair & ottoman.

All of the fun stuff can be had at this month’s Collabor88!

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Justify My Love

I styled a look to do a pic with a friend, and I kinda loved it – so I’m sharing!

PLUS – - Look at this gorgeous new hair?  I absolutely love the style and the black streaks in it really suited my look perfectly.  <3

In case you are curious about the OTHER pic, that I took with my friend:

The idea was loosely based off the song, but it was fun to try and find a good pose and then fuss with fixing it so it would work for 2 girls!

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I love when there are bunches of great new releases all at once to make me squeal and feel like I need every last thing.  Now I need to sort out how to share all my new goodies!!  ACK!

Today I thought I’d share this fantastic blazer that was just released.  It comes in a lot of really fantastic spring colors, and I LOVE that the jacket is actually lined (you can see it a bit in the above shot).  I also adore this new hair!  It has been a while since Kavar had a new release but apparently he was quite busy with new textures and a new fancy shmancy hud that makes my SL super easy! ;)

Many thanks to my guy friend for posing with me, and standing around so patiently while I chewed his ear off!

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Sometimes… I forget to blog the picture I took.  =/

So. There is that.

But, since this was a shot I actually invested a TON of time into editing, here we are. I really wanted to share a shot taken at the new home, this obviously is taken on the docks.  Can you tell I’m itching for spring?  Tank tops & jean shorts! <3

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Sad Beautiful Tragic

I finally decided to put some clothes on.  Mainly because I had these fantastic new pants that needed wearing.  They are mesh, and the bow belt is color change via hud.  I thought I’d dress them up a bit since I had this fur tippet/necklace set I’ve been meaning to use.  Plus… hello gorgeous new hand bag that was just released = Perfection!

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Sorry…I’m just not ready to get dressed yet.  I spared you all from seeing the tatas again though.  Rear view today ;)  Plus some lovely new hair <3

Oh…and do you see this fantastic lounge?  Available very soon, has 10 perfect poses in it, and is neutral and casual – so you can use it pretty much anywhere!  Oh and it is MESH.  Oh and also, it is only 4 PRIMS. OH! And it is only $L20!!!  It will be available on the 17th as a hunt item, so you must go visit the store and find it =)

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