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Turn Me On

Friday night, 2 SLingle ladies looking for trouble.

Shyla Diggs and I had a little fun last night, can’t you tell?? ;) I told her I was looking to blog a new koinup places location, and the trouble was mostly narrowing it down to WHICH one.  (If you still haven’t checked that out, you really must, they’ve got some great suggestions on places to visit, the list goes on and on) However, when I showed her the The Mother Road sim, we quickly decided on biker chick, and ran out shopping.

As soon as I landed at Lapointe & Bastchild and saw these leather jackets, I grabbed her over and we giggled.  Not sure if you notice, but of course Shy has the UK Union Flag, and I am rockin’ the US Stars and Stripes.  I wish there was more shopping to share, but other than the belt I picked up, everything was stuff we had in our inventory.  I guess we both have a little bad girl hidden away somewhere…

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Mr. Know It All

Mr. Know It All

Sometimes you need to just put on a fun outfit, some kicks and throw your hair in pigtails.  Today was that day.

I did want to share something with y’all though, so I am glad you are here!  I will be participating in next week’s Second Life Fashion Expert Days, along with a bunch of other really great bloggers.  The event runs from September 18th – 21st, and you can catch me on the official Second Life Community Blogs on the 18th!  After my blog posts I will be hanging around the forums for the duration of the day (9am – 4pm SLT).  While I am there I will be chatting it up with residents, answering questions, giving out suggestions and advice, etc.

It seems like it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and for some users who don’t have as much experience with the Second Life fashion world to get their feet wet.  So basically, you should stop by and say hi, because you love me.

For complete details on the event check out the Second Life Community Blogs.

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Man Down

Man Down

Happiness is Nyte’N'Day being such a reliable source of quality newness.  Plus, it is getting HOT here in the south, so Felicity needs to be wearing as little as possible.  I know you’ve seen this hair plastered all over the feeds by now, but I couldn’t help myself, I really love it, and I haven’t bought anything from that shop in FOREVER!

I’ve spent the morning on Plurk discussing with my friends/fellow bloggers how we all blog.   I was curious not so much on your creative process, but more the bones of the work, you know – once you’ve opened up blogger/wordpress and created a new entry.  For me I absolutely hate *haaate* giving credits, I always do, but I do not love it.  So I do that first, to get it out of the way.  Then I add my photos, and finally the text to go with my blog entry.

This discussion brought up some other things, like – How you get your SLurls, do you include the designer name, and how you get your credits from SL to the blog.  Which reminds me Sixx Yangtz has posted a jira that could potentially be really handy for us bloggers – Basically, the idea is to allow for you to copy/export text (the items you are wearing for your blogging credits).  How fantastic would that be?  Go vote for the Jira.

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52 Weeks Of Color Challenege: Black


Easiest 52 weeks of color yet.  Black – what I own more of then anything else.  Black… the outfit I *just* bought, purely by chance.

Nothing clever about me putting together this look y’all.  The pants, bra, sheer top, gloves, and attached neck piece are all part of the outfit I purchased.  I just paired up my SEXY new boots, and some amazing hair.

Happy Saturday….oh and in case you aren’t on my plurk, and haven’t been plagued with my constant prodding – My RL birthday is in just 5 days.  February 10th, I like jewelry. ;)

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Jar of Hearts

Jar of Hearts

A fun new top gives me the perfect reason to put on this hair I’ve been wanting to blog!  I adore it, wild and completely out of the norm for me.  The braids on the sides, on top of the hair base (included with purchase) just make it work flawlessly.

Plus with all this skin showing I was able to put the great tattoo I’ve been hoarding in my inventory to use as well.  I love the way the neck/chest tattoo falls so perfectly on the clavicle, I imagine RL I’d die of the pain from having it done, but that is what SL is for right?

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Shoe Fair 2010 Part I


We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging to bring you… SHOE FAIR 2010!!! *insert girly screams and giggling*

So, I am going to *attempt* at blogging shoes from the shoe fair each day this week.  I say attempt, cause lets face it, I suck at regular blogging.  Buuuuuut, I did come home from the blogger preview with tons of new shoes, and I’d really love to share my favorites with you.

I should probably back it up a bit, maybe you have no idea what “Shoe Fair” is?  I won’t mock you, I promise.  So, anyway Shoe Fair is an event that spans over 4 sims, and includes some of the most amazing shoe designers on the grid.  Everyone participating has a certain selection of shoes out, and some part of your purchase goes to a charity.  (Some stores give 100%, some just partial, and they are all labeled, so be SURE to pick up the benefit shoes!)  This year the Shoe Fair’s benefit is Soles for Souls, which briefly is a charity that raises money to donate footwear all over the world to people in need.  The fair is open, and runs through August 22nd.

With that said, this first par is from N-core, they are a special edition zebra print pair, and I believe 100% of the proceeds from the purchase go to the benefit. I love them, and actually, they are my first pair of N-core shoes, there were quite a few really gorgeous shoes, and I will be going back to visit their store for sure!

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Grey Street


I finally made it over to the “It was a blur” art installation.  You can visit yourself, the installation is running until August 16th.  You don’t even need a fancy graphic card, the settings are pretty minimal to get the full experience.  There are items set to sale and also for free amongst the sculptures.  In addition, there are poses, animations, sounds and machinima to give you a more complete experience.

I picked up this amazing dress from Miel while I was there, it is a little piece of wearable artwork as far as I am concerned.  As soon as I put it on, I remembered that I had some new hair from Magika that would look just perfect with it.

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A Beautiful Lie


The new “Dress” from Berries Inc. is more or less a really adorable, nearly completely open backed tank top.  I love it, the slightly draped neckline in front, as well as in the back near the booty.  It has a prim attachment to officially make it a dress, but it is extremely short, and I think looks very cute worn with jeans – especially these lovelies that are cuffed and show off the new shoes that I am lusting after.

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All You Wanted


I visited the Black & Blue Fair tonight, if you hadn’t heard of it, this fair is a large group of designers coming together to raise awareness about Mental Health.  I like the idea of this fair, as far as the layout goes, in theory, but in reality… There are tons of designers, stuff is hard to sort out, ridiculous lag, etc.  Not to say I wouldn’t go and battle it all for the goodies, as I did.  Anyway, one of my favorite purchases was this dress from League.

Or maybe it is just the fact that it seemed to be made for all of the accessories I’d purchased earlier in the day.  Convenient, ey? New hair from Miel, jewelry from Fusion, annnnnnd how can we forget these smexy new shoes from Maitreya = <3

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