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Raging Fire

I really wanted to share with you this absolutely amazing home that was just released for Collabor88.  It is really more of a multi building layout in that you’ve got all these smaller spaces centered around a coutyard area.  It is one of those unique spaces that you can really make your own and enjoy in SL.  I think more creators should try and build homes that have different layouts and courtyard areas.  They are some of my favorites.

You can also find this perfect dress and hair at Collabor88, if you were wondering.  The dress is SO well done, I honestly would just save yourself the time and fatpack.  You will need them all.

Speaking of fatpacking.. these shoes y’all.  They come with those adorable socks and you can change the sock color.  They are like…the most fantastic thing since sliced bread tho, really.

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A Matter Of Trust

New shoes, new clothes, new hair…. new dining room furniture?

Hopefully you are following my legs all the way to these gorgeous new shoes, they are just delicious you know – who needs dinner!

This is probably my favorite new hair, and this top/skirt combo is amazing as well – loving all the patterns and colors they come in!

And this dining room set – modern, clean lines, with great wood tones and has a bit of a lived in look I think.  Really great pieces for anyone’s home.


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Right Here Waiting

I can’t seem to get enough of the beach lately!

This tank and jeans seemed like perfect barefoot walk on the beach attire too – and a cap to hide that wind-swept beach hair ;)

All of the above are fantastic new releases – details after the cut!

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Make Me Fall

Few things are better than when a group of talented creators come together and create themed items for an event.   So what could possibly make THIS event so fab?  Well, for the creators who were selected to participate are BEYOND talented, and for another… SUMMER themed!

I’m wearing the most amazing new bikini, the flower details on the top are just perfection, and it is mesh – so they really do come to life!  I’m also wearing a preview of the upcoming new Belleza skin; Ashley.  AND Alon and I are seated on this cozy lifeguard chair.  It comes with lots of single poses and even a couple COUPLE poses =)

All of these great things can be found at Summerfest ’13.

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Love Somebody

Home & Garden Expo is rapidly approaching y’all!  How excited are we??  I do love a fair for clothing, or hair, or shoes…etc etc etc… BUT… I LOVE a fair for my home – landscaping, decor, homes…etc.  Happy Day!

The expo opens on the 24th at noon SLT and runs through June 2nd. Oh, and ummm the expo spans NINE sims… NINE!  Good grief, so much newness to be had.

This adorable patio set I am seated at happens to be from the upcoming expo, and this particular green color it is available in – all proceeds are going to the RFL charity.

I  couldn’t help myself in not blogging some fashion as well though – so I’m bringing you yet some more of my faves from collabor88! This hair, top, earrings, shorts and ring – ALL lovely pieces you can pick up at collab!

More information on Home & Garden Expo

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I would have blogged this sooner but my RL has been madness!

Anywho – I’m finished with school for this semester and I’m sneaking a moment to share this shoes.  Well…SHOE, since you only see on in the shot.  They are so dramatic and eye-catching that I thought I’d do something a bit different.  Plus it gave me a great chance to throw on this new bikini!

The shoes are just fucking gorgeous tho, seriously.


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I spend about 100% of my time being a Mom.  Mixed in there are bits of being a Wife, a Part-time Student, PTA Board Member and even working in a bit of work to help pay the bills. I am over-extended FULL TIME.  I largely lack the ability to say “No.” and I find myself always putting everyone else’s needs before my own.

After having cooked, cleaned and served dinner the other night for a dozen family members – which I somehow managed to “volunteer” myself for… I crawled into bed late that night and ached from head to toe… I find myself sitting here today listening to this song and…

Sometimes you need to stop everything and take a day for yourself, and just indulge in you.

Not that I actually will or anything, but it is a nice thought =P

Anyway – I’m sharing this great prop for spring – a Swing!  It comes packed with great singles poses, all fun and different.  I thought my pretty new ruffled take suited the SPRING FREE feel of it <3

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New York

Twice in one day!  I must *really* be playing catch up!

You know, I put together this look 2 weeks ago when I got these GORG new super sexy shoes.  I’d just gotten this jacket/skirt combo and knew they’d look amazing together.  I even managed to pick up some pretty fierce hair to finish off the look, didn’t I?!

And how about this new Mya skin from Belleza?? She has a stunning face, and she doesn’t look like a little girl – which I LOVE!  Currently available exclusively at the Skin Fair!

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The Lucky Ones

When a good creator comes back to us… we are all weak in the knees.  Particularly when they’ve come back with something as lovely as my new skin.  Tuli has made her return, if you haven’t yet heard.  I love the dimples on this skin, and how soft and pretty she is!

In addition to Tuli’s return I’ve got some gawwwgeous new clothes!  I adore this tank, especially with this muted print on it, and the cardigan that hangs off the shoulders but suits it so well.  And these pants, god.. mesh has just made pants so GOOD!  I love the fit/shape this gives to the hips, and the great thin belt accent.  Just darling.  And of course… still loving every single pair of these new shoes.

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I had another post that was supposed to come first, but since my lovely blogging company (pictured above) move WELL faster than I do.  I had to quickly knock one out – so to speak.

Sophia Harlow has been teasing me about my tatas for quite a while now, turns out she was just envious.  She now has her very own set, so she asked me to join her and her friend AliceinChains Arun (who from what I hear is quite the boobie expert herself) for a little boobfest. *I am trying to see how many times I can mention breasts in one post really*

Anyway, it was good fun… I managed to find a great top to show off the girls – which speaking of – designers, c’mon we need a larger selection of high quality applier clothing, make it happen.

Hope you enjoy all the cleavage!

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