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Young & Beautiful

I spent the afternoon wandering the path through my woods… I love my new home so much.

Just a quick post to show off this really stunning mesh dress and jewelry set.  Plus it gave me an opportunity to use this fab new hair too!  The dress comes in so many gorgeous colors, I really struggled trying to settle on one – in the end I felt the blue would pop against all the greenery.

Hope you are having a fabulous day <3

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Hold On

In RL I love maxi dresses/skirts… It screams spring/summertime for me.  I finally was able to put one on with a pretty coral cardigan the other day and it made me want to wear one in SL too!  So lucky for me this new mesh release came out =P

I adore this whole look…the casual comfortable beachyness of the whole thing. Pretty matching mesh halter suits the look perfectly too and even the pattern seems so sweet and feminine to me.

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The War Is Over

I thought I’d squeeze in one last blog for the 2012 year, to give a big grand recap of my year…blah blah blah.  But then I realized I don’t really want to think much about this past year.   Lets leave it all there and move on, so much freedom in that, isn’t there?

So I’m wishing you all the freedom to move into 2013, leaving all that weighs you down behind.  There is a whole new year ahead of you full of wonderful things I hope – try something new, make new friends, be happier, tell someone you love them, etc etc.

If I wasn’t going out in RL this year, I’d certainly be wearing this gorgeous look I’ve put together.  There are a ton of new dress and gowns available for this special evening, but sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd!  <3

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Just Give me A Reason

I don’t get much of a chance to do something a bit more dramatic, or maybe I’m just lazy.  Probably the latter.  But this gown just needed some dramatic lighting, so I went with this!  Good experiment for me playing with black and white settings, and adjusting hues…to get this slightly sepia tone.

Anyway, this gown is really gorgeous, and you get a lot of options with it, you can wear it as a pantsuit as well.  The top can be worn with out the semi sheer insert, with our without the sash and the gloves and collar are also optional. There are sheer panties and bra, AND stockings that come with it too!  Plus, you cannot see the back of the gown, but it is very revealing with a deep cut option.  One of the prettiest new things I’ve gotten with soooo many options!

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Better Together

New skin, new hair, new clothes and accessories!  Sometimes you just need to put on a bunch of pretty new things to distract yourself a bit.

This is a new skin that will soon have a full release, I saw all the lovely ladies on my plurk timeline wearing it and promptly ran over to demo.  I generally expect that I WON’T like any other skins, but I just LOVED this soon as I got it on.

This dress I’m wearing is pretty fantastic too isn’t it?  The accessories are sold in the same store, and it really does change the whole look for me.

Alright, that’s all I got for today y’all… my throat is sore, and I think I am getting sick again.  Please let this freakin’ winter end already.

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Vintage Fair – V

I’m winding things down with my Vintage Fair posts, and aside of this one I *think* there is only one remaining!  This look might be one of my faves from my shopping expeditions though, which is suitable since it came from one of my very favorite designers.  I love the ruffled collar, and it gave me a perfect opportunity to wear these amazing shoes I also grabbed from the fair, plus the adorable cigarette – which btw animates your avie, and blows smoke!  So cute!

Vintage Fair 2011 Blog

Visit Vintage Fair

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Chelsea Dagger

Chelsea Dagger

What is there to say about Winter Jefferson that hasn’t already been said?  It isn’t every day that you meet a guy who is not only a diva but also a vampire.  His sense of style far exceeds mine, and his sense of humor is amongst my favorite, to say our little photoshoot was full of giggles would be putting it mildly.  But aside of all that, he and I have been friends a couple of years now, and while we seem to hardly keep in touch these days, he has always been supportive and kind.  I think the very first time we ever chatted was when I had IM’d him to volunteer for a date auction a few years ago (while wildly successful – anything Winter is involved with is – it was not my most favorite events, for personal reasons LOL).  At any rate, it makes me smile whenever we do have a quick chat, and besides all the blood sucking and teasing, he is a pretty decent dead guy.

I decided to go with an amazing new release that I’ve been eying up, I needed a good reason for a dramatic dress, I knew this would be it!  As you can see, like I said earlier, Winter has a great sense of style!  When I asked him to participate, I sent him a picture of what I was going to wear, and he (after sending me a disturbing return picture) styled himself to compliment me so well.  He even decided his lipstick was too much at the last minute…… =P THANK YOU WINTER <3

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Born This Way

Born This Way

I think this might be the first time I’ve ever photographed Zoe Demar.  That isn’t that big of a deal, but when you consider she has probably taken a dozen pictures of me over the years, maybe a bit.  I first met Zoe when she and I were both newly working for ROLE Magazine, we were able to work together amazingly well, so I was sure to keep in touch with her, and contact her whenever I had a project.  I look forward to talking to Zoe, and not just because it usually involves me on a pose stand, she is pretty incredible.  And her photography?  Absolutely brilliant, I’d like to have a fraction of her talents, she is kind enough to always offer suggestions when I come to her, which makes me lucky!

As you can see she also has an impeccable sense of style, when I asked her to join me she threw this look together.  I would have reassessed my own look, but I sort of love the diversity.  I’m wearing a few new releases – hair and dress, and the boots seem just fit seamlessly with my outfit.

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I intended to blog this about a week ago?  I photographed it and edited the image, and then I got busy elsewhere.  But it is too pretty to leave over there on flickr without the proper credits!

Also, for the first time I’ve shared my before and after images:

Before & After

I was proud of this shot because I edited my hand back into the image, where the skirt had cut it out – pretty nifty, ey?

Speaking of skirt, isn’t the dress amazing?  It comes in a lovely selection of colors.  I love the belt, and the halter top, everything fits so well, and it came with lots of options – wearing the skirt alone, the belt alone, which basically means you can use it in a lot of other ways!  Looooove when a designer does that!

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Shoe Fair 2011 – III

Shoe Fair 2011 III

Love Love Looooove these strappy heels from N-core!   They are another pair that I hunted down at Shoe Fair.   The hardest part about entering their store was narrowing down WHICH pair I was going to buy.  In the end I picked these, I like the studs on the sides and the wood base, plus the strap styling was pretty unique.  Yet another brilliant hud with these, packed with options, you can – change the color of the metal, the wood base color, the toenail color (and they happen to have some adorable polish options!), etc, etc.

Good stuff!  Go get em!

Visit Shoe Fair 2011

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