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52 Weeks Of Color Challenege: Black


Easiest 52 weeks of color yet.  Black – what I own more of then anything else.  Black… the outfit I *just* bought, purely by chance.

Nothing clever about me putting together this look y’all.  The pants, bra, sheer top, gloves, and attached neck piece are all part of the outfit I purchased.  I just paired up my SEXY new boots, and some amazing hair.

Happy Saturday….oh and in case you aren’t on my plurk, and haven’t been plagued with my constant prodding – My RL birthday is in just 5 days.  February 10th, I like jewelry. ;)

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Cooler Than Me


I haven’t worn my Bax boots in such a long time, but as soon as I saw this new release from Indyra Originals I knew I was going to need to dig them up.  This lovely fur jacket is so very well done, there aren’t even any clothing layers, this is all purely sculpted pieces.  They come in some nice colors, and even some animal prints, but I loved the black with the gold accents.  I *could* have put a nice turtle neck on under this, but I really wanted to show how nicely it lays on the avie, and I should also point out that even with my AO active, nothing moves.

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Hair Fair Part I


So, is it shameful that the last time I blogged was for the Shoe Fair, and now I am back with the Hair Fair?  Maybe.  But here you are anyway <3

Alright, so lets see – What is this “Hair Fair”  I speak of?  Much like I explained in my Shoe Fair post, Hair Fair is an event that is organized every year which gathers up some of the best talent in Second Life to showcase their latest designs.  This year of course is no exception, and when it opens on September 4th, you will be able to navigate your way through the 4 sims worth of hair-gasm.

This year’s Hair Fair benefits Wigs for Kids, a charity that raises money to hand craft wigs for children, so they can lead active lives without any added stress of feeling “different”.

My first hair that I want to share is from LoQ, which, while I’ve heard of them a few times, I haven’t actually purchased any of their styles before.  I was SO impressed with this one, I love the way the hair falls around the frame of the face, and the texturing as well.  It is called Turkish Coffee, and you can find it at the Hair Fair… starting SATURDAY!

Visit the Hair Fair Blog for more information

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Head Over Feet


This post begins with a skirt.

I saw the new ATOMIC skirt on flickr, and immediately thought “that makes me want to prance around and dance like a little girl”.  So, I finally got around to picking it up today, and it happens to look lovely paired with my new Nardcotix wedge sandals!  They are absolutely adorable, I think the prim feet are done really well, and the hud is very easy to work with.  It took me about 2 seconds to tint them after they rezzed.

So after I’d figured out how I wanted to accessorize, it occurred to me I didn’t have a pose that would suit what I had envisioned.  The obvious answer to that is Plurk, because when I am looking for something, I just go there, and the other million fashion lovers like myself are sure to have at least one suggestion.  This time not only did I get suggestions, but someone dropped poses on me in-world.  Brand spankin’ new pose makers – !BANG.  TYVM, it was exactly what I had in mind. <3

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I’m Yours


I think I may have blogged more in this last week, then I have in the last 2 months.  What makes this particularly pathetic, is that I didn’t blog very much this week.  LOL

At any rate, making the effort to go through my inventory has gotten me pretty caught up on things I wanted to share.  Not only that, but I also came across things that have been dropped on me, which SL was kind enough to forget to TELL me about.  Such as this lovely dress from Skin Flicks.  I am glad I found it, because I believe I saw Luna Jubilee wearing it on her blog, and thought “Oh, must have.”  Who knew I had it already. -.-

It also gave me an excellent excuse to make a trip over to Sixty Nine and pick up some of the new hair!  Amazinnngggg! Ohh and hello jewelry set I bought at Indyra Originals, which got tossed to the bottom of my closet, you do look lovely with this pink dress.  <3


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Makes Me Wonder

I’ve got so many lovely things in my inventory these days, and I don’t get out much.  That is tragic.  So I am going to try and share with everyone for a few days, I say try, because I am probably lying.

I love Nyte ‘N’ Day, this isn’t news really, but I could survive on Nyte’s newness alone, well that and Truth’s hair.  Everything Nyte makes is fun and sexy!  I put on this new Arg set, and immediately thought of the great new shoes from Shiny Things.  They are super cute with the look.


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