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My Kind Of Love

Culture Shock is one of my fave events brought to us by Chic Management, and I got to sneak in a little early to shop.  This year mon tissu and celoe will be participating, which if you don’t already know means they each have a new and exclusive item out at the event.   Each and every other store participating in the event also has a new & exclusive item as well.  There are items clearly labeled in each store that a portion (or all in some cases) of the proceeds will go to benefit Doctors Without Borders.

The jumpsuit, bag and scarf I am wearing can all be found at Culture Shock as well as this pose that I am using….

I’ve been dying to use this hair, and I thought I really needed some sort of on location outdoor/spring scene.  So, I hopped over to Koinup Places and found this amazing place Calendon Victorian Garden.  There are lovely buildings to explore in addition to the gardens which are amazing and include statues, water features, etc.  I highly recommend paying a visit!  Thanks again to Koinup for helping me explore all that SL has to offer ;)

The Culture Shock event opens May 4th and runs through May 26th, you won’t want to miss it!

Map & SLURLs

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Donna Flora A to Z: O is for Oriente

As soon as I spoke with Cajsa about participating in the Donna Flora Project I knew which piece of Squinternet’s jewelry I was going to wear.  It was really a no brainer for me, I wear this piece in nearly every blog post, and it is hands down my favorite ring.

So thank you for all the gorgeous creations you’ve spent your time on Squinternet, and for giving me reason to enjoy my SL that much more with pretties to adorn my avatar in.  I am sure you realize we are all thinking of you, and wishing you a speedy recovery! <3

Meanwhile, I was given a reason to get off my booty and blog, so while I was at it I decided to hit the KoinUp Places and find a fantastic new location to photograph at.  D-Lab (6pi) is a place you can probably spend your entire day playing, being young at heart and enjoying the amazing build.  The store is packed with great stuff to buy (tons of which you can find around the sim to interact with).  I found myself just hoping from one thing to the next and seeing what sort of cute sit was in it.  SO much fun, definitely bring a friend!  Thanks to KoinUp for another good find!

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Empire State Of Mind

I was chatting with Tesh last night, and it came up in conversation that I am originally from New York.  I don’t mention it all that often anymore, I think I used to complain a lot more about missing “home”, but I’ve only actually live in North Carolina about 5 years now. Don’t get me wrong, I love where I live, it is a really beautiful part of the country, but the city girl in me misses the hustle & bustle occasionally.  There really isn’t any other city that can compare…

So when I came across the Burley sim on Koinup places and saw the Vesuvio Bakery on the corner, I was immediately won over.  There are other New York styled sims around, pretty sure I’ve seen other pics of one with the Brooklyn Bridge that I will have to hunt down.  So don’t think this is the last you’ve seen of me wandering the city streets!

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Here With Me

I didn’t think I would be sharing another location I discovered on Koinup so quickly.  However, as soon as I visited I knew what I was going to wear and where I was taking the pic, so here we are!

The location is Venexia, a Venetian inspired sim build, complete with waterways for gondolas. I didn’t do much of anything to the image I am sharing, it truly does look this magnificent in person.  This is a Dark Action Role Play sim, just fyi if you are wanting to visit.  I grabbed a visitor’s pass, so that I could roam around a bit, everyone was dressed similarly to what I am wearing.  Which, while I am thinking about it….

Guess who I ran into??

Yeah, DRACULA!  What are the odds really?  He was surrounded by a half-dozen girls, it just goes to show you vampires don’t need to sparkle to attract the chicks.

Anyway, I wanted to talk a little more about the Koinup places, because after I uploaded my first image that included an SLurl yesterday I discovered that you don’t have to do a darn thing to get it to tie into the pool of other images!

It does all the work for you, and even gives you links right from your image to go explore other’s photos from the same location, here is a little screen capture to better explain:

Here is what the pool for Venexia looks like when you click over.

Enjoy checking out all of those images, see you soon <3

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How Could Life Get Any Better

A couple of days ago Koinup got in touch with me about a partnership, and I was happy to hear from them because it gave me reason to explore the site a little more.  I’ve been a member for a while now, but I honestly have not been using it to the full potential.

Something they’ve really been trying to promote is their places section - www.koinup.com/places.  So I poked and prodded around the site a bit yesterday and today, came up with a little list of SLURLS (which was easy peasy because they are all right on Koinup), and logged in this afternoon ready to sim hop!

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am, honestly – I spend so much time at my home sim, and never really go anywhere, so this has been an eye opening experience.  I went to about a dozen sims, landmarking one after another.   The images on Koinup are all amazing, and the places are equally as enticing when you get there.

While I was out, I kept finding more and more places that I could see potentially using for blogging.  So, this is going to be my project for the new year – I am going to *try* to explore and take pics at one new place that I find on Koinup each week… and share it here on the blog.  I’m adding a Koinup category to the blog, so it should make it easier to find them going forward!

My first stop was Japan Chubu, which is one of 4 sims that are all linked together, you could honestly get lost there for hours.  Choosing just one place for a picture was the most difficult part.

And speaking of pictures, I had some of the very best company today!  Howard Rushwald was kind enough to spend numerous hours helping me scout for a spot, pic a pose, be patient while I made him rummage through all the hair in his inventory, etc etc.  He is relatively new to the blog scene, but he puts together some really great looks, and captures them wonderfully at his blog:  Howard Rushwald Style (go on add it to your reader, you’re welcome!)

You’ll be wanting style credits now huh?

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