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Give Me Tonight

Belleza has finally released the highly anticipated and widely desired appliers! We have them in not only the Lolas Tango applier but also the LUSH applier. You can even grab them right off the marketplace: Here.

I thought I’d make use of this pair of panties that have never seen the light of day.  Not sure why I even buy panties.  Anyway, point being, they are from Kyoot… and much to my own sadness Kyoot will be closing its doors shortly. BUT  in the meantime, huge sale, so go get everything you don’t already own.

Looks like I found what I was looking for out my bedroom window huh?  ;)

All teasing aside, I wanted to share this really luscious new bedroom set.  It truly is something divine, and comes with a ton of color customization options  - from bedding, to headboard even the legs!  The night table also has an entire selection of color options.  I love the modern looking set and the tufted headboard… perfection!

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough… there is something like 300 poses in this bed!  Cuddles, kisses, foreplay…sexy timesssss and even some more regular bed time activities like reading and cuddling up with your laptop.

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Christmas… Baby Please Come Home

The thing about the holidays is that they always make you nostalgic for the way things were, people you’ve spent previous Christmases with, traditions…etc.  Sometimes it is a little bittersweet…

I’ve got a few more things to share from this round of Collabor88, I saved some of the best for last! ;)

The boots I’m wearing, as well as the sweater and necklace can all be found there… PLUS – The quaint winter cottage you see in the background….AND – The campfire with logs and even the sled.  Good stuff huh???

Visit Collabor88

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I’m making a good effort to get lots of use out of the new home, and winter pics are so lovely aren’t they?

So, I’m not a real big gacha person, I know this might be like… sacrilegious to some, but it’s just not my thing.  HOWEVER, I had to have these ear muffs – well, I really wanted the owl ones, but after trying over and over I gave up =/  No owls for me.  These are still super cute though, and so is my new jacket, paired up with the boots and scarf I look all winter cozy, don’t I?

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Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

The newest collection from Collabor88 started 2 days ago, and I’ve finally gotten around to blogging it!  There was SO much in the way or gorgeous clothing this round.  I was really hard pressed to try to select just a few things.

But I did narrow it down to a few looks!  I went with their theme and kept to this beachy monotone.  Faves…hmmmm…. The top from W&B, the dress from Kyoot and the Necklace from Yummy?! I dunno… I love it all.

There is also a gorgeous skybox from Trompe Loeil, a super cute hot tub from LISP and and and…yeah..just go shop.

Visit Collabor88

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What Am I To You?

8th of May!  Woot!  Of course I’m this excited because the new Collabor88 collection is available.  There is a TON of ridiculous good stuff available.  Actually, so much so, that you can probably count on another post dedicated to it.

Things that I am wearing which you can find there – The hair, ohh the amazing hair!  Its fantastic, and…its mesh!  My top, undergarments, skirt, shoes, and necklace – ALL Collabor88.

Oh…and, you can find the fantastic build I am standing in there as well.  It is so gorgeous I had to take a shot of it just so you could see it in all of its magnificence:

This is a skydome, so basically everything you see in this shot is included; the build itself, plus the sky and even the ground you see int he image.  You can’t see it, but the inside of the structure opens to see the ground below.  It really is unique, and you really need it!  Go!

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Beekeeper’s Daughter

Another month has quickly come and gone, and there is all sorts of amazing newness for Collabor88, starting today!

I am really impressed with this month’s selection.  I actually had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to blog because I adored TONS of items.  Great pieces of clothing, hair, home accessories, jewelry, shoes…

Most of the things I’m sharing are available at Collabor88, check all my credits for complete details!

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A Beautiful Mess

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening…. wherever you are in the world <3

I haven’t blogged in OVER a week, disappointing since I was on such a roll. I dunno, sometimes I just need a little break.  Plus I’ve been working on redoing the home sim, which is all SPRING’d up now… I will share pics soooooon.

Anyway, I couldn’t resist a little blogging to share some of the amazing newness at the collabor88 event!  The whole set – couch, chair, TV, Curtain, bookcase and accessories all available there!  Just to point out a few cute features, this Television actually has different channels you can select, with some animated scenes on them, so cute!  Plus it has quite a few adorable poses! I am also wearing a dress, hair, bracelets & shoes which you can find at the event as well.

There is *always* something for everyone at this monthly event, it’s completely worth the ocean of lag!

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A Drop In The Ocean

I’ve got no New Year’s Resolutions, maybe I am just too lazy.  However, if there is anything I’ve resolved it is the fact that I’m closing the doors on 2011, and letting go of all the things that weighed me down.  I’m looking forward to 2012, and I’ve got nothing but hope!

Thank you for dropping by this year, and occasionally leaving a comment, or faving one of my flickr pics.  You don’t know it, but you make the tedious bits of blogging and editing completely worth it. <3

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Hit The Lights

The new Collabor88 items are officially out!  This month is a special one because all of the designers were invited to bring a “date”, so there are twice as many items as usual.  WOOT!   So I thought I would do more than my usual single pic, and offer up 3.

Basically everything you see in all of these images is from Collabor88, including skyboxes, and decor.

There s a ridiculously incredible amount of talented designers with items all priced so reasonably.  I am just showing you a small sample of all that is there, but well worth a visit!  You can pick up tons of decor, skins, hair, boots, clothing, accessories, make up…etc etc.

So quit reading my blog and go shop!
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Prettiest Friend

Prettiest Friend

I hope all of my friends who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful one, however you choose to spend it!  I did the typical family thing at my Dad’s, we managed to all get along and none one got killed, so it was a good day in my book.

Anyway, now Thanksgiving is over, y’all are running the grid mad for your “Black Friday” steals…and I’m redecorating the sim!  It has a long way to go yet, but here is a little sneaky peek.  Besides it gave me a wonderful opportunity to show off this fantastic bicycle that What Next has out for Lazy Sunday.  It actually comes in 2 versions, I am using the red, but the blue is just as adorable.  It has 3 lovely poses built in as well!  Even if you just use it as a decorators piece, totally worth picking up.

Oh… and my boots!  Boooooots!  I swear all I ever talk about anymore are boots.  These lovelies can be worn with or without the sock, and they come in a lovely rainbow of gorgeous colors.  They have really fantastic buckles that run up the side of the boot as well, I should have gotten a better pic of that!  NEXT TIME!

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