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Summer Home 2013 Pt. V

Last room in the house to share is the bathroom.  It is a really simple space I think, but very inviting all the same…

Since I’ve shared the rest of the house I thought you might like a peek at the entry/hallway area as well!

And to finish things off… a little sneak peek out back at my patio!

Hope you enjoyed having a look at my home and that you were inspired with some ideas for your own spaces!  I love sharing mine and am always looking for new interesting things to add to my spaces… maybe I will even stay here a while?

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Summer Home 2013 Pt. II

Today I’m giving you a tour of my living room, so c’mon in and make yourself at home! =)

Next up will be the kitchen/dining area – so make sure to keep checking back!

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Summer Home 2013 Pt. I

I figure I cannot possibly show off every bit of this one in just one blog post.  Firstly, I don’t have the patience to sit and credit everything all at once.  Secondly, I don’t want to just flood my blog post with a dozen images all at once.

So new approach is I am doing to do a series of posts about my new home, this one will focus on the exterior and landscaping of the home, but please check back over the next couple of weeks to see images of the interior as well!

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Is Anybody Out There?

I think I stumbled over my prim feet running to buy this new mesh dress. It’s so lovely, I should have fatpacked…dammit.  Anyway, y’all need it!  Comes in a few lovely colors, and there is a new top there as well, I didn’t buy it.. *yet* because I am saving my L$ for the Mayfair sim opening \o/ Can’t. Wait.

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Somebody That I Used To Know

I feel a bit like I’ve fallen off the blogging wagon.  But to be truthful I’ve been spending a lot less time in Second Life lately.  My RL is keeping me quite busy, and I am not sure.. maybe I’m losing some interest.   Don’t get me wrong, I love SL, I just need to find a way of reinventing it for myself.  So if I seem a bit quiet, that is why.

I did get a little burst of creative this afternoon when I saw this new mesh release, which for me paired perfect with the new mesh *hair* release! These might replace my previous favorite pants, I didn’t share a pic..but I’ve got a great ass in these!  =P  The top is also fantastic, you know me, gotta show off the girls.

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I’m not opposed to Valentine’s Day.  I don’t cringe at the thought of it, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to spend a day showing someone who you care for that they are special.

Despite all that I don’t think you need a designated day for it, if you love someone you should tell them as often as you feel it.  Who knows how long they will be in your life, and you should never have any regrets!

So Happy Valentines Day to all those who are sharing it with someone, and if you don’t have a special someone to share with, do something special for yourself, you’re worth it! <3

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I’m just jumping on the bandwagon really, but I couldn’t help myself.  This jumper is too lovely not to blog.  I won’t rave about how I wanted to buy everything in the store, or how well crafted every last piece of clothing is.  Nope, won’t repeat what you’ve already heard… ;)

On a *random* side note: The song I was listening to during photo editing was mine and my best friends favorite in high school, we used to pile into a teeny tiny hatch back, pop the cassette tape in, and sing all the way to school.  We thought we were pretty impressive back then.

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This new hairstyle I’m wear is mesh, and it is incredible, both in the pic and in-world.  It moves perfectly with the avatar, it’s so nice to not have bits of hair poking out of your boob.  =P  I’m thrilled Elika has gotten on the mesh train, and from what I understand she plans to make mesh clothing as well, can’t wait!

I’m also wearing the new skin from Aura again, I was so excited to get my hands on a “plain” makeup, I tend to not wear entirely much eye makeup, just my thing.  However there are tons of great eye makeups to be had with this new release, so you’ll probably wanna buy em all anyways! =P  I’m sure I will be getting plenty of use out of them myself, and with the lipstick tats, the combos are endless!

Alright… that is all the rambling I’ve got in me for the day!

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Turn Me On

Friday night, 2 SLingle ladies looking for trouble.

Shyla Diggs and I had a little fun last night, can’t you tell?? ;) I told her I was looking to blog a new koinup places location, and the trouble was mostly narrowing it down to WHICH one.  (If you still haven’t checked that out, you really must, they’ve got some great suggestions on places to visit, the list goes on and on) However, when I showed her the The Mother Road sim, we quickly decided on biker chick, and ran out shopping.

As soon as I landed at Lapointe & Bastchild and saw these leather jackets, I grabbed her over and we giggled.  Not sure if you notice, but of course Shy has the UK Union Flag, and I am rockin’ the US Stars and Stripes.  I wish there was more shopping to share, but other than the belt I picked up, everything was stuff we had in our inventory.  I guess we both have a little bad girl hidden away somewhere…

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Better Together

New skin, new hair, new clothes and accessories!  Sometimes you just need to put on a bunch of pretty new things to distract yourself a bit.

This is a new skin that will soon have a full release, I saw all the lovely ladies on my plurk timeline wearing it and promptly ran over to demo.  I generally expect that I WON’T like any other skins, but I just LOVED this soon as I got it on.

This dress I’m wearing is pretty fantastic too isn’t it?  The accessories are sold in the same store, and it really does change the whole look for me.

Alright, that’s all I got for today y’all… my throat is sore, and I think I am getting sick again.  Please let this freakin’ winter end already.

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