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Dear No One

Some things never change… some of my favorite clothes still are from Tres Blah.  I am pretty sure some of my very first ever purchases were from there back when I was a noob.  I can fondly remember finding Juliette’s shop and thinking I struck gold.

This jacket/top combo and the pants are from Tres Blah and are available at this month’s round of Collabor88.  You can also find the hair I am wearing there as well as the entry table, bowtie picture frame and that fantabulous chair there as well. PLUS… the skybox which is a really gorgeous loft that you totally need… you can find that at collabo88 tooooo.

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I Can’t Describe

Problem I am having with Shoetopia is there are just too many shoes that I adore.  What makes it even worse is I have so little TIME to do much blogging lately.

So… I am going to share a couple of random shots I took featuring a few pairs I am in love with.  And then maybe I will do that again later this week. I would blog each one separately, but we both know that might take me forever.   In the image above, those stunning heels are just divine, aren’t they??  And the giant shoe is a Shoetopia gacha! You need them all, yep.

I thought maybe I ought to cover up a little more and show something that is going to be coming into season!  These boots are absolutely perfect for this coming winter in SL I love the fur detail and the fact that the hud lets to change them up to suit your look. Read More

Summertime Sadness

Who’s favorite time of year is Fall??? THIS GIRL.

I am so freakin’ pleased it is September, and while in RL that means it is still summer in my part of the world – at least in SL I can just presto-chango – - FALL.

TURTLENECKS AND SCARVES Y’ALL!  Turtlenecks and scarves.

Oh, I got off subject I think maybe – point being that this round of Collabor88 is all about FALL. What a great way to roll in the season, a whole event full of wonderful new pieces for your wardrobe and home.

I’m wearing Hair, Skin, Dress, Boots and Necklace all from this round of Collabor88 – I can tell you you definitely need every last item!

Shop Collabor88!

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Heaven Knows

Seems as though my time to blog is few and far between lately.  My solution was to let my 8-year-old dress Felicity.

Leopard roller skates, leather pants, and a pink spike studded corset top. Fantastic.

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I’m making a good effort to get lots of use out of the new home, and winter pics are so lovely aren’t they?

So, I’m not a real big gacha person, I know this might be like… sacrilegious to some, but it’s just not my thing.  HOWEVER, I had to have these ear muffs – well, I really wanted the owl ones, but after trying over and over I gave up =/  No owls for me.  These are still super cute though, and so is my new jacket, paired up with the boots and scarf I look all winter cozy, don’t I?

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This Kiss

Have you seen the new mesh breasts from Lolas!?  I did a brief blog about the sculpted ones a few weeks ago, but I just got the new mesh ones and I had to share a better image.  The Tangos are really amazing.  I was impressed with the original set I had, but I clearly didn’t know what I was missing with the mesh!  I am not a “huge boob” kinda girl, so I sized them down to suit myself more.  I think that even if you aren’t into the whole boob thing, it would be worth getting these for photography, they give a much nicer shape to your avatar – much more natural.

Anyway, they come with tons of texture options, and lots of ways to customize – different nipples, nipple rings, different sized nipples, etc.

**In my image I am wearing a custom texture applier to match my skin, but they are pretty impressive regardless, wouldn’t you say??  =P

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I want to rob Felicity of this cardigan and have it in my RL =/  Soon as I saw it I had to run over and buy it.  I should have bought them in every color tbh.  ONLY thing that stinks is because it is mesh it doesn’t love any of my other mesh shirts to wear under it.  So back to shirt layers!  But I made it work, small sacrifice in the big picture.

How cute is this new step-ladder/wall art too?  Comes with a bunch of great poses as well!

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Save My Life

Just a quick LOTD because – I LOVE these boots, this sweater, hair, ears and ring. <3

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Catch My Breath

I treated myself to a new dress today.  I say that because I rarely buy dresses, I just don’t wear them often enough.  But this one was another knockout from one of my fave creators, and I appreciate the originality in its design.  So it was a must have.  I also rarely buy dresses…or anything… in pink.  But I love this pale pink tone.  I thought it would be perfectly accented with this gorgeous jewelry.  Plus I had the perfect skin to accompany the look.

Oh!  And mesh hands??!!!  I mentioned them on my last blog post, but you can see them better here! Who has been waiting for these lovelies?!?!  Meeeeee.  I ADORE my mesh feet, and now I’ve got hands to pair up with them.  These happen to fit me pretty darn perfectly, and I was able to match my skin tone pretty well.  \o/

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Edge Of Seventeen

Collabor88 is open with a whole new collection.  This round is full of all kinds of fun stuff!  I’ll have lots to share, but I thought I’d start off with this sweet and sexy sailor suit - The top and skirt come in assorted colors and are mesh, so they look just as fantastic in world.

I’m also sporting new hair from the event and isn’t it a fab bob sort-of do, even the color is super cute.  The lip earrings can be found at Collabor88 as well, there is even a necklace available that brings me back to my childhood – remember those plastic charm collections??Love!

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