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Beating Heart

Tomorrow is the 8th.  Well…technically it is the 8th for me right now since it is just after midnight, but as far as your Second Life is concerned, it is tomorrow.  Glad we cleared that up.

Why am I mentioning this?  Collabor88!!!  *does my happy collabor88 dance*

I have managed for once to get in an early posting because I am so in freaking love with this dress.  I put it on, and knew I had to take a pic in my new garden.  But it isn’t just the dress…this hair.. are you kidding me?  amazing.  And even this lovely necklace that finishes off the whole look  –  all of it you can grab at Collabor88. (when it opens.. which is tomorrow, okay.)

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Dark Horse

I’m so late to the collabor88 party this month =/

I’ve had some major RL shit that has been keeping me occupied, but I had taken these pics like a week ago, so I might as well blog em eh?

I do have to say though, I was listening to this song quite a few times, and I had this vision in my head of what I might wear to blog, and when I went to look through the items sent to me, this was all like BAM, perfect.

The hair, Skin, Dress, Jewelry, and the Mask – ALL can be found at this round of Collabor88… Go Shop. Read More

The Trouble With Love Is

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner now, all the Christmas decor has been tucked away for another year.  Now it is time to start thinking about our year, things we’ve done, promises we’ve made (to ourselves and others), accomplishments, failures, and start making our resolutions for the New Year.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you think they are worth it?  Maybe we should be accountable every day for living it with the same meaning as New Year’s Day.

Anyway, I took a pretty pic with some great new clothes and hair… details below the cut…

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Please Come Home For Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… well..that is what they say anyway!

I’ve bundled up to head out for some last-minute shopping, looking fabbbbulous in lots of newness from collabor88!

My hair, Vest, Necklace and Pants… ALL can be acquired at this month’s round!

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Let Me Go

I love this shirt so much, SO much actually I needed to say it twice. It does come in some printed patterns as well, but I haven’t really worn much pink lately, and I thought it looks so nice with these amazing new trousers I have.

And I totally forgot I took this pic to blog….and then never blogged it <3

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I love when there are bunches of great new releases all at once to make me squeal and feel like I need every last thing.  Now I need to sort out how to share all my new goodies!!  ACK!

Today I thought I’d share this fantastic blazer that was just released.  It comes in a lot of really fantastic spring colors, and I LOVE that the jacket is actually lined (you can see it a bit in the above shot).  I also adore this new hair!  It has been a while since Kavar had a new release but apparently he was quite busy with new textures and a new fancy shmancy hud that makes my SL super easy! ;)

Many thanks to my guy friend for posing with me, and standing around so patiently while I chewed his ear off!

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Heaven Knows

Seems as though my time to blog is few and far between lately.  My solution was to let my 8-year-old dress Felicity.

Leopard roller skates, leather pants, and a pink spike studded corset top. Fantastic.

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Between The Raindrops

**Disclaimer: This prop set is for single poses only.  I edited the image for both avatars to appear posing at the same time

Okay, now that I got that out-of-the-way – How absolutely adorbs is this pose set & props?? Tya, now you need to make one for couples!!  I really wanted to show more than one of the poses, it has so many really cute ones in it, so I took a bit of time and edited this together to work.

The set comes with everything you see, background, ladder, drop cloth, paint cans.  PLUS you get a hud that lets you change the paint colors!  So fun!

Plus, this gave me the perfect opportunity to show off this cute new pigtail hairdo and the lovely bare feet from Gos!

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I’m Goin’ Down

I haven’t had much of a chance to blog, but seeing as how the new Gos Boutique opens today, and I’ve been hoarding all these shoes for what seems like ages now.  I had to stop everything and share!

So what *is* the big deal?  Well besides that they are all – and I say ALL because there are FOUR pairs being released today – absolutely gorgeous, and each one is quite different from the other, and and they come in a multitude of colors… *gasps for air*…

The nifty thing about these new shoes is: Gos has created a new system in which you very easily match your skin tones, and they are all stored in a handy hud.  One touch, done.  So now we can all wear our mesh shoes out in public and not wonder if our feet match for everyone else! WOOOO!

Complete details about the system can be found at the site: Gos Boutique

There is a great tutorial video there that shows you all the details on how to use it btw, so worth the click.

Now there is one very important thing that I should mention – ONLY Gos Boutique group members are going to have access to purchase the shoes today.  And while you can join at any time… if you do it *right this moment* you can still get into the group for free.

Join the Gos Boutique group

Okay, I think I’ve done my part for the day…now I can go bury myself in the massive pile of homework that is calling my name.


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I had another post that was supposed to come first, but since my lovely blogging company (pictured above) move WELL faster than I do.  I had to quickly knock one out – so to speak.

Sophia Harlow has been teasing me about my tatas for quite a while now, turns out she was just envious.  She now has her very own set, so she asked me to join her and her friend AliceinChains Arun (who from what I hear is quite the boobie expert herself) for a little boobfest. *I am trying to see how many times I can mention breasts in one post really*

Anyway, it was good fun… I managed to find a great top to show off the girls – which speaking of – designers, c’mon we need a larger selection of high quality applier clothing, make it happen.

Hope you enjoy all the cleavage!

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