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When I logged in to blog this afternoon I realized it has been a month since my last blog.  I have to apologize to my readers… I don’t think I’ve ever gone that long without blogging since I started my blog.  My RL is under quite a bit of stress, and I’ve had to really change my priorities.  I hope I will be able to blog more often again soon.  In the mean time… don’t give up on me <3

Annnnnywho. Today is the best day of the month… Collabor88 opened.  Wooooo!  Nothing gets me logging in like seeing what all of my favorite creators have done with a common theme. This one is fabulous, as you can tell.  I’ve completely restocked my office apparel & accessories ;)

So… the desk, and numerous accessories even the skybox I’m photographing in are all from collabor88 AND what I am wearing from my shoes to my clothes, hair and even my glasses… all can be found there as well.

Go shop collabor88!

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Make Me Fall

Few things are better than when a group of talented creators come together and create themed items for an event.   So what could possibly make THIS event so fab?  Well, for the creators who were selected to participate are BEYOND talented, and for another… SUMMER themed!

I’m wearing the most amazing new bikini, the flower details on the top are just perfection, and it is mesh – so they really do come to life!  I’m also wearing a preview of the upcoming new Belleza skin; Ashley.  AND Alon and I are seated on this cozy lifeguard chair.  It comes with lots of single poses and even a couple COUPLE poses =)

All of these great things can be found at Summerfest ’13.

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Everything Has Changed

I spent some time yesterday completely absorbing myself in Photoshop and trying some different techniques.  I’ve gotten lazy with shadows, and sometimes hardly edit my pics – which is good for blogging because you get to see the products “as is”.  However, it isn’t great for me learning etc.  So the image you see above is the finished product but just so you can see where I started here is the before:

What spurred me to not use shadows are these amazing looking teeth that were just released.  There are so many different options even some ADORABLE braces!!  But they don’t show up when I’ve got my shadows on.  So I decided to not be lazy and put a little effort in!

Anyway – Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay dry!

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You Know I’m No Good

I was feeling really inspired by this new shirt/skirt…

Can you see the fantastic zipper detail on the side of the skirt?  Love it!  Top and skirt are both mesh, and I’ve tried the shirt with a few pairs of jeans that they work awesome with as well.

I’m wearing a Belleza skin… I mention the brand because you know we’ve never had a BLACK lipstick before.  This is a special RARE item for the upcoming Gacha machine at The Arcade. Thought it looked perfect with this particular look I’ve got going on to!  ;)

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Justify My Love

I styled a look to do a pic with a friend, and I kinda loved it – so I’m sharing!

PLUS – - Look at this gorgeous new hair?  I absolutely love the style and the black streaks in it really suited my look perfectly.  <3

In case you are curious about the OTHER pic, that I took with my friend:

The idea was loosely based off the song, but it was fun to try and find a good pose and then fuss with fixing it so it would work for 2 girls!

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New York

Twice in one day!  I must *really* be playing catch up!

You know, I put together this look 2 weeks ago when I got these GORG new super sexy shoes.  I’d just gotten this jacket/skirt combo and knew they’d look amazing together.  I even managed to pick up some pretty fierce hair to finish off the look, didn’t I?!

And how about this new Mya skin from Belleza?? She has a stunning face, and she doesn’t look like a little girl – which I LOVE!  Currently available exclusively at the Skin Fair!

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Give Me Tonight

Belleza has finally released the highly anticipated and widely desired appliers! We have them in not only the Lolas Tango applier but also the LUSH applier. You can even grab them right off the marketplace: Here.

I thought I’d make use of this pair of panties that have never seen the light of day.  Not sure why I even buy panties.  Anyway, point being, they are from Kyoot… and much to my own sadness Kyoot will be closing its doors shortly. BUT  in the meantime, huge sale, so go get everything you don’t already own.

Looks like I found what I was looking for out my bedroom window huh?  ;)

All teasing aside, I wanted to share this really luscious new bedroom set.  It truly is something divine, and comes with a ton of color customization options  - from bedding, to headboard even the legs!  The night table also has an entire selection of color options.  I love the modern looking set and the tufted headboard… perfection!

Oh, and if that wasn’t enough… there is something like 300 poses in this bed!  Cuddles, kisses, foreplay…sexy timesssss and even some more regular bed time activities like reading and cuddling up with your laptop.

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I had another post that was supposed to come first, but since my lovely blogging company (pictured above) move WELL faster than I do.  I had to quickly knock one out – so to speak.

Sophia Harlow has been teasing me about my tatas for quite a while now, turns out she was just envious.  She now has her very own set, so she asked me to join her and her friend AliceinChains Arun (who from what I hear is quite the boobie expert herself) for a little boobfest. *I am trying to see how many times I can mention breasts in one post really*

Anyway, it was good fun… I managed to find a great top to show off the girls – which speaking of – designers, c’mon we need a larger selection of high quality applier clothing, make it happen.

Hope you enjoy all the cleavage!

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The War Is Over

I thought I’d squeeze in one last blog for the 2012 year, to give a big grand recap of my year…blah blah blah.  But then I realized I don’t really want to think much about this past year.   Lets leave it all there and move on, so much freedom in that, isn’t there?

So I’m wishing you all the freedom to move into 2013, leaving all that weighs you down behind.  There is a whole new year ahead of you full of wonderful things I hope – try something new, make new friends, be happier, tell someone you love them, etc etc.

If I wasn’t going out in RL this year, I’d certainly be wearing this gorgeous look I’ve put together.  There are a ton of new dress and gowns available for this special evening, but sometimes you want to stand out from the crowd!  <3

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Do You Really Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

Hat hair just in time for the winter!  Hooray!  I really do adore this style, usually I am in need of bangs to hide the HUGE forehead, but this compliments my face quite nicely (I think).

I also stumbled upon this poncho/cape the other day and immediately fell in love.  I adore ponchos in RL, and have about a half-dozen, so the more I can get the better!

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