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Who Owns My Heart

More Fall goodness from Collabor88!  Please be sure you don’t miss all the great items that are out for this round – such fab things that will make you want to redecorate yourself and your home <3

Visit Collabor88

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Grow Old With Me

Since I am a blogging maniac today….here is another!

This lovely top I am wearing is a Gacha item that will be available at the upcoming 24 event.  It is really darling, I love the cut on it as well as the collar…and it looks super cute with my new skirt!

I also want to mention this fountain bridge which is also going to be available at The 24.  Not only is it impeccably crafted but it is packed with fantastic poses – singles and couples.  Love love loveeee it!

Definitely be sure to visit The 24 – it opens on August 23rd.  For more information and details visit their blog: Siren Productions

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I really don’t have much to say.  I mean, the pic is self-explanatory isn’t it?

I’m so in love with these soon to be released Bax boots that I’ve decided to change my wardrobe to all short skirts and well… not much else.

They are mesh, they are heavenly, and they come in lots of great colors.  But ohhh the black…

I don’t think you can handle this….

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Make You Feel My Love

Just a quick LOTD because I love these new shoes!  Loooove love love these new shoes!  They come in a slew of bright fun spring colors and have a hud so you can change the socks up – different colors AND patterns!

You need ‘em. <3

In other news the sim I worked on over the last few months was just featured in April’s issue of Avenue magazine.  Here are some images from the article:

Read the complete article here.

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I slacked off a bit with blogging because RL has been so busy!

BUT here I am, one last post about collabor88 because I really did just adore this top/pant/necklace/shoe combo – ALL from the event.


**Should be noted that the good-looking fella in the pic took the time to build me a set just to use for this pic – awesome he is!  Many thank yous!!

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Carry On

I hear I have quite the glamorous SLife? I guess the assumption is it looks a lot more like the above… when in reality it is actually a lot more like this:

Me, passed out, face down, on my keyboard.

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Brand New Me

We interrupt you regularly scheduled blog for this shameless boob pic.

I had other things planned, but here I am, topless in my new favorite skin/hair & jewelry.

All of which you need, and should run out and buy asap <3

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I had another post that was supposed to come first, but since my lovely blogging company (pictured above) move WELL faster than I do.  I had to quickly knock one out – so to speak.

Sophia Harlow has been teasing me about my tatas for quite a while now, turns out she was just envious.  She now has her very own set, so she asked me to join her and her friend AliceinChains Arun (who from what I hear is quite the boobie expert herself) for a little boobfest. *I am trying to see how many times I can mention breasts in one post really*

Anyway, it was good fun… I managed to find a great top to show off the girls – which speaking of – designers, c’mon we need a larger selection of high quality applier clothing, make it happen.

Hope you enjoy all the cleavage!

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Never Again

Scarves, mittens, earmuffs, sweaters.  My season has arrived!  I am my happiest when I am snuggled up in all these layers.

There is a new release from Pixel Mode in the way of scarves and mittens, both of which are mesh.  I went with this lovely knit scarf because I thought the pink would best suit my pair of owl earmuffs from gacha.  YES… I have them FINALLY, with many thanks to Sophia who says she had to sell her soul acquire them.

Anyway, the scarves come in an assortment of colors and textures and even a few really adorable prints, plus as I said they are mesh, so they look fantastic on!  So do the mittens toooo!

On a side note, this pose is an oldie and is meant for holding a heart, but who says you can’t throw a snowflake in there and make it seasonal, right??

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I Knew You Were Trouble

I don’t usually do my pics in this format, but I really wanted a closer shot of this lovely necklace.  BUT thennnn.. I really wanted a shot of these shoes, which I purchased AGES ago and forgot about.  God, I need inventory therapy.

Annnnyway.  Don’t you love this dress, and the necklace?  They are going to be available VERY soon for the With Love Hunt.  One of the best hunts of the year imo, while the items are $10L each, you are just about guaranteed they are quality because they are all fantastic creators participating.

Talking about fantastic creators, how cute is my bag??? Ooooooh and it comes in a bazillion colors too.  Okay, not a bazillion but a LOT!  And they are gacha items for the up coming Arcade event!  GACHA! Wooooo!

Alright, that’s about all I’ve got for you today… love y’all <3

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