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I love this great set of expedition goodies from Consignment!  As soon as I saw the items at the Arcade I knew I was going to need a fancy new hat and boots!  =P

It was fun setting up for this and piecing it all together, but I do think some of the accessories that can be won at the machine can even be fun in your home for decor.  Definite must play machine – everything is so highly detailed, even down to the fun tent/table pieces so you can become an archaeologist.

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Winter Song

Starting tomorrow I’ve got family in for Christmas, so I thought I’d squeeze in one more quick blog before I disappear for a week!

I love this new jacket so much, there is both an open and closed version, and it comes in a whole rainbow of perfect colors.  I still had more new hat hair, so I got to use another…AND I even had the opportunity to use some absolutely on par for the season poses!

Loooove love love these 2 poses, the first is from a set of “Snow” poses, and the 2nd comes with the adorable sled!

And with that I wish you all (who are celebrating) a very Merry Christmas, see you in about a week <3

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I’m making a good effort to get lots of use out of the new home, and winter pics are so lovely aren’t they?

So, I’m not a real big gacha person, I know this might be like… sacrilegious to some, but it’s just not my thing.  HOWEVER, I had to have these ear muffs – well, I really wanted the owl ones, but after trying over and over I gave up =/  No owls for me.  These are still super cute though, and so is my new jacket, paired up with the boots and scarf I look all winter cozy, don’t I?

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What I’d Give

New casual mesh dress is all the inspiration I need!  Comes in an assortment of colors, some with the stripes and some without.  You will be needing to buy the matching belt.  I am not sure why it is sold separately, as I don’t think the dress looks proper without it.  Maybe you might find another belt you already have that will suit it tho?

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Say You’re Sorry

I’m in love with this mesh skirt, I sit and watch my AO move with it on, and my wellies are mesh also, so they are nearly as mesmerizing!

My look today is still keeping with my whole Fall theme, especially since I am using this great weekend release – a furnished cabin from What Next.  It is absolutely adorable, decor on the walls, a nice table and chairs, and a window seat with poses.  You can pick up the items separate, or get it all together for 20% off!

Its adorable, isn’t it?  And perfect for the season, don’t I look cozy in there?!

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Seek Up

Seek Up

Clare Loring and I didn’t become friends immediately, I ran into her quite a few times through a mutual friend, but it wasn’t really until maybe 2 years ago (?) that we became close.  She is always happy to help me abuse said mutual friend, which is enough reason to love her forever. But I probably would anyway, she is a wonderful friend, and manages not to scream “SHUT UP” when I rant to her every now and again.  I’m guessing that is probably because I allow her to return the favor whenever she wants.  I’m also hanging onto her because  I’m looking forward to a vacation in Spain one day, and I am totally going to crash at her house!! =P

I am wearing yet another amazing new release from Sissy Pessoa, I thought this bright green really suited my makeup and hair choices…hello GORGEOUS hair!  Clare came looking lovely, I had nothing to do with it, but I approve!

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Mr. Know It All

Mr. Know It All

Sometimes you need to just put on a fun outfit, some kicks and throw your hair in pigtails.  Today was that day.

I did want to share something with y’all though, so I am glad you are here!  I will be participating in next week’s Second Life Fashion Expert Days, along with a bunch of other really great bloggers.  The event runs from September 18th – 21st, and you can catch me on the official Second Life Community Blogs on the 18th!  After my blog posts I will be hanging around the forums for the duration of the day (9am – 4pm SLT).  While I am there I will be chatting it up with residents, answering questions, giving out suggestions and advice, etc.

It seems like it will be a great opportunity to meet new people and for some users who don’t have as much experience with the Second Life fashion world to get their feet wet.  So basically, you should stop by and say hi, because you love me.

For complete details on the event check out the Second Life Community Blogs.

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I haven’t shopped Fifty Linden Friday in quite a few weeks.  It seems like I am either broke, or not in-world, orrrr just too damn busy lately.  So this morning, when I was looking over the notecards from all the participating stores, I squealed a little over all the great buys this week.  The swimsuit, bracelet, and necklace are all available today, and are each 50L!

The hair is also pretty new, from Exile.  There is a whole bunch of newness in store, and I am looooooving all the new roots options on Kavar’s hair!

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52 Weeks of Color Challegen: Taupe


I missed the last of the 52 weeks of color, which was indigo.  I know I can go back and do it, but I am lazy. SO… here is my best effort at making up for it.  This week’s color is Taupe, and I’ve thrown in some hints of blueish-turquoise, good enough, right?  =P

Admittedly I am lying, it is a complete coincidence that I accented my taupe with these blue shades.  I think I sort of love this weeks look, taupe is one of my favorite colors, mostly because you can really accessorize it with any color.  Now that I’ve gotten my post done so  early this week, maybe I can plan ahead for next?

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Green


I am not sure if this can *really* count as my 52 weeks – Green.  I have quite a bit of green in my inventory actually, so no lack of that Ican blame honestly.  I just really wanted to  use this sweater because it was the color green I had in my head, and I didn’t LOVE any of the othe green I paired with it.

This might wind up being one of my very last blog entries of the year.  I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone, and we are just about to New Year’s Eve.  But I can rant about that in my final blog of the year!

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