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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Goldenrod


Finally getting around to posting my color of the week from Luna’s blogger challenge.  I think this is my favorite of the 3 I’ve done so far, and it was all stuff I already had in my inventory, which is a huge bonus. Read More



Happy Halloween everyone!

Hope you all have an amazing day, whether you plan to dress up RL, or just in SL….orrrrr both.  Eat lots of candy, and do lots of tricks.

I wasn’t sure what I would use for my Halloween look, until I had this great gift dropped on me last night from one of my favorite stores!  It is fantastic because it comes with the whole “dress”  including all the wrapped ropes, AND the fantastic basket of pumpkins.

I thought it was sort of suitable because I wanted to remind you all that TODAY, Second Style Island is hosting a fantastic *exclusive* ONE day sale.  All Hallows’ Eve @ Second Style will be a great place to do some trick or treating, even if you might have to do a bit of searching around for our treats!  =)

Don’t miss out on all the day’s sales – VISIT SECOND STYLE ISLAND.

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Hair Fair Part V


I think I am getting to the end of my DU4 items now?  Maybe?  I did buy quite a bit there.  I love this dress, all the attachments fit together perfectly, and the leggings, Flower *hat*, and neck piece all just add to the overall look.  The mask actually comes on a tattoo layer too, so no awkward fitting.

The hairrrrr… Love. The. Hair.  This style is yet another from Hair Fair, this time from Miel.  Their styles are always sculplted so well, and I adore all the curls in this short do.  They have a few others as well that are new, at the fair.  I do wish they had a brighter red tho, but obviously that hasn’t stopped me from wearing it!

Shop the Hair Fair

Shop DU4

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Grey Street


I finally made it over to the “It was a blur” art installation.  You can visit yourself, the installation is running until August 16th.  You don’t even need a fancy graphic card, the settings are pretty minimal to get the full experience.  There are items set to sale and also for free amongst the sculptures.  In addition, there are poses, animations, sounds and machinima to give you a more complete experience.

I picked up this amazing dress from Miel while I was there, it is a little piece of wearable artwork as far as I am concerned.  As soon as I put it on, I remembered that I had some new hair from Magika that would look just perfect with it.

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I Love You


I saw someone wearing these Surf Co. shorts recently, and it reminded me that they were sitting somewhere in my inventory (which I have recently organized, so I could actually FIND them).  I kept thinking I needed to find a way to wear them, and then Maitreya’s new releases last night gave me the perfect reason!  This new summery top can either be dressed up or down, and I went with the later.  The sculpted pieces are done exceptionally well, which is not really shocking, we all know Onyx is on her game there.

This is also the very first time I’ve worn BARE prim feeties!  Funnnn!  I thought this looked like an outfit I’d wear out on the beach, and so, barefoot seemed the way to go.

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All You Wanted


I visited the Black & Blue Fair tonight, if you hadn’t heard of it, this fair is a large group of designers coming together to raise awareness about Mental Health.  I like the idea of this fair, as far as the layout goes, in theory, but in reality… There are tons of designers, stuff is hard to sort out, ridiculous lag, etc.  Not to say I wouldn’t go and battle it all for the goodies, as I did.  Anyway, one of my favorite purchases was this dress from League.

Or maybe it is just the fact that it seemed to be made for all of the accessories I’d purchased earlier in the day.  Convenient, ey? New hair from Miel, jewelry from Fusion, annnnnnd how can we forget these smexy new shoes from Maitreya = <3

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