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Dear No One

Some things never change… some of my favorite clothes still are from Tres Blah.  I am pretty sure some of my very first ever purchases were from there back when I was a noob.  I can fondly remember finding Juliette’s shop and thinking I struck gold.

This jacket/top combo and the pants are from Tres Blah and are available at this month’s round of Collabor88.  You can also find the hair I am wearing there as well as the entry table, bowtie picture frame and that fantabulous chair there as well. PLUS… the skybox which is a really gorgeous loft that you totally need… you can find that at collabo88 tooooo.

Shop Collabor88

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If you keep up with my flickr you will recognize the new house, as I’ve taken quite a few pics of the interior lately.  If not.. then here is a little peak inside my lovely new home.

I really wanted to share this hair because I am so in love with it and have been wearing it constantly lately.  Plus I picked up this adorable shirt/skirt set AND I’ve got these fantastic new shoes!!  So the background is just a bonus ;)

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Let Me Go

I love this shirt so much, SO much actually I needed to say it twice. It does come in some printed patterns as well, but I haven’t really worn much pink lately, and I thought it looks so nice with these amazing new trousers I have.

And I totally forgot I took this pic to blog….and then never blogged it <3

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Hold On, We’re Going Home

I haven’t done a “simple” pic like this in a while, but I loved this look I was wearing so much, and I just wanted it to stand out on its own a bit.

My outfit and pendant are both from this new round of collabor88 – this sweater & skirt combo comes in a few different colors and I adore the belt that comes with the sweater.  Just perfect, really.

Visit Collabor88!

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I’m Like A Bird

It is official…Summer is upon us!  So I put on a fabulous new mesh tank set, great updo hair and my flip-flops and hit the beach.

I just wish I could really feel the salty beach air on my skin ;)

Have a great weekend <3

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I might have fallen asleep on this extremely comfortable inflatable chair. =P

Some more awesome 90′s goodies!  My Jean short overalls, my jewelry set, the inflatable chair & ottoman.

All of the fun stuff can be had at this month’s Collabor88!

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Love Somebody

Home & Garden Expo is rapidly approaching y’all!  How excited are we??  I do love a fair for clothing, or hair, or shoes…etc etc etc… BUT… I LOVE a fair for my home – landscaping, decor, homes…etc.  Happy Day!

The expo opens on the 24th at noon SLT and runs through June 2nd. Oh, and ummm the expo spans NINE sims… NINE!  Good grief, so much newness to be had.

This adorable patio set I am seated at happens to be from the upcoming expo, and this particular green color it is available in – all proceeds are going to the RFL charity.

I  couldn’t help myself in not blogging some fashion as well though – so I’m bringing you yet some more of my faves from collabor88! This hair, top, earrings, shorts and ring – ALL lovely pieces you can pick up at collab!

More information on Home & Garden Expo

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I love when there are bunches of great new releases all at once to make me squeal and feel like I need every last thing.  Now I need to sort out how to share all my new goodies!!  ACK!

Today I thought I’d share this fantastic blazer that was just released.  It comes in a lot of really fantastic spring colors, and I LOVE that the jacket is actually lined (you can see it a bit in the above shot).  I also adore this new hair!  It has been a while since Kavar had a new release but apparently he was quite busy with new textures and a new fancy shmancy hud that makes my SL super easy! ;)

Many thanks to my guy friend for posing with me, and standing around so patiently while I chewed his ear off!

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Make You Feel My Love

Just a quick LOTD because I love these new shoes!  Loooove love love these new shoes!  They come in a slew of bright fun spring colors and have a hud so you can change the socks up – different colors AND patterns!

You need ‘em. <3

In other news the sim I worked on over the last few months was just featured in April’s issue of Avenue magazine.  Here are some images from the article:

Read the complete article here.

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I spend about 100% of my time being a Mom.  Mixed in there are bits of being a Wife, a Part-time Student, PTA Board Member and even working in a bit of work to help pay the bills. I am over-extended FULL TIME.  I largely lack the ability to say “No.” and I find myself always putting everyone else’s needs before my own.

After having cooked, cleaned and served dinner the other night for a dozen family members – which I somehow managed to “volunteer” myself for… I crawled into bed late that night and ached from head to toe… I find myself sitting here today listening to this song and…

Sometimes you need to stop everything and take a day for yourself, and just indulge in you.

Not that I actually will or anything, but it is a nice thought =P

Anyway – I’m sharing this great prop for spring – a Swing!  It comes packed with great singles poses, all fun and different.  I thought my pretty new ruffled take suited the SPRING FREE feel of it <3

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