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I Can’t Describe

Problem I am having with Shoetopia is there are just too many shoes that I adore.  What makes it even worse is I have so little TIME to do much blogging lately.

So… I am going to share a couple of random shots I took featuring a few pairs I am in love with.  And then maybe I will do that again later this week. I would blog each one separately, but we both know that might take me forever.   In the image above, those stunning heels are just divine, aren’t they??  And the giant shoe is a Shoetopia gacha! You need them all, yep.

I thought maybe I ought to cover up a little more and show something that is going to be coming into season!  These boots are absolutely perfect for this coming winter in SL I love the fur detail and the fact that the hud lets to change them up to suit your look. Read More

I Could Not Ask For More

Haven’t you always dreamed of wearing some amazing designer custom gown and walking the red carpet at a premiere with some dreamy guy on your arm? No?  Must just be me then.

At any rate – if this is a fun little fantasy you were looking to fulfill – you can totally do so at the Love Donna Flora event that is opening on the 25th.  This set with built-in poses (for singles AND couples) comes with the with the LDF logo backdrop.  AND this knockout gown I am wearing can be found there as well.

I also have a special personal interest as far as wanting you all to visit the event, you see…. I designed the sim, and I’m going to share a few shots that I took when I was all finished:

The sim has lots of great areas to take photos, especially in the little village I arranged at the top of the hill.  The entire sim has a very rustic Tuscan feel to it, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think…

Anyway, I really hope you take the time to go and pay a visit, there are well over 100 creators participating, and the proceeds raised are going to benefit “one of our own”, could there be a better reason to shop than helping a peer?  If you’d like more details about the event visit the Love Donna Flora Blog.

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Make You Feel My Love

Just a quick LOTD because I love these new shoes!  Loooove love love these new shoes!  They come in a slew of bright fun spring colors and have a hud so you can change the socks up – different colors AND patterns!

You need ‘em. <3

In other news the sim I worked on over the last few months was just featured in April’s issue of Avenue magazine.  Here are some images from the article:

Read the complete article here.

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Winter Song

Starting tomorrow I’ve got family in for Christmas, so I thought I’d squeeze in one more quick blog before I disappear for a week!

I love this new jacket so much, there is both an open and closed version, and it comes in a whole rainbow of perfect colors.  I still had more new hat hair, so I got to use another…AND I even had the opportunity to use some absolutely on par for the season poses!

Loooove love love these 2 poses, the first is from a set of “Snow” poses, and the 2nd comes with the adorable sled!

And with that I wish you all (who are celebrating) a very Merry Christmas, see you in about a week <3

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Do You Really Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?

Hat hair just in time for the winter!  Hooray!  I really do adore this style, usually I am in need of bangs to hide the HUGE forehead, but this compliments my face quite nicely (I think).

I also stumbled upon this poncho/cape the other day and immediately fell in love.  I adore ponchos in RL, and have about a half-dozen, so the more I can get the better!

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Just One Last Time

Collabor88‘s December round started this weekend, on the first night of Hanukkah.  So… Happy Hanukkah to ME!  =P

Tons of lovely winter items this round and I’ve got so much to share I will keep the talk short and sweet – I’m wearing Hair, Jewelry, Vest & Blouse all from the event.

Visit Collabor88

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My Song For You

It is official The With Love Hunt has begun today.  I’ve shared some of the things you can find there here and here.  My very favorite thing that I grabbed was this sweet holiday themed pose/prop.  Definitely take some time and visit all the different hunt locations, the list is long…but they are all quality stops!

Many thanks to the good lookin’ guy who loaned me his pixels, and stood there perfectly still while I tediously shuffled through dozens of WL settings.  (That makes it sound like a lot of effort, doesn’t it?)

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Never Tear Us Apart

Isn’t this a great pose?  I love it so much, it says a lot to me…without being some sort of lovers embrace.  Holding hands is a very intimate thing, people don’t do it enough.

Annnnyway – There is a whole slew of new “Park” themed poses out, all just as amazing as this one!

Plus…I couldn’t resist using these great pumps, I ADORE this teal color they come in.  So much fun adding a splash of color with shoes.  It also gave me a chance to dig up some of my “old” clothing that I never can find.  And of course another opportunity to show off these awesomesauce new jeans.

This whole fall landscaping hasn’t gotten old yet, sorry.  You will have to suffer with more pics of me in my yard.  I promise I will get over it eventually!

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Edge Of Seventeen

Collabor88 is open with a whole new collection.  This round is full of all kinds of fun stuff!  I’ll have lots to share, but I thought I’d start off with this sweet and sexy sailor suit - The top and skirt come in assorted colors and are mesh, so they look just as fantastic in world.

I’m also sporting new hair from the event and isn’t it a fab bob sort-of do, even the color is super cute.  The lip earrings can be found at Collabor88 as well, there is even a necklace available that brings me back to my childhood – remember those plastic charm collections??Love!

Visit Collabor88

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Some Nights

Lets talk about the ridiculous shoes.  They are magnificent, and I am lucky enough to have 2 gorgeous pairs. Plan on seeing them a lot.  Thank you to my amazing friends who gifted them to me when I tortured myself on plurk over making the 950L$ purchase.  Thing is, I couldn’t convince myself to spend 950L$ on a pair of shoes.  Not to say they aren’t worth ever L$, they are and I am sure the work that went into making them makes the price fair.  I just personally kept thinking…if I only wear them a handful of times, is the money spent on them worth it?

Thanks to my friends I didn’t have to torture myself over it.  And they are worth it, I promise.

My dress is a lovely new mesh number from a new store and my adorable do, is also new new new, go shop!

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