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I Knew You Were Trouble

I don’t usually do my pics in this format, but I really wanted a closer shot of this lovely necklace.  BUT thennnn.. I really wanted a shot of these shoes, which I purchased AGES ago and forgot about.  God, I need inventory therapy.

Annnnyway.  Don’t you love this dress, and the necklace?  They are going to be available VERY soon for the With Love Hunt.  One of the best hunts of the year imo, while the items are $10L each, you are just about guaranteed they are quality because they are all fantastic creators participating.

Talking about fantastic creators, how cute is my bag??? Ooooooh and it comes in a bazillion colors too.  Okay, not a bazillion but a LOT!  And they are gacha items for the up coming Arcade event!  GACHA! Wooooo!

Alright, that’s about all I’ve got for you today… love y’all <3

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Sweet Nothing

SO MUCH TO SHARE!  Lets jump right in…

I think these holiday decorations are so beautiful they can easily be used as a backdrop for my pics! They actually illuminate on click as well, and they come in an assortment of colors.  The “glass” on them is so beautiful, I am constantly in awe of what is being accomplished in SL.  Truly.

Anyway, moving on… I thought I’d give an applier clothing layer a shot this round on my new mesh boobs!  This turtleneck dress was perfect, and obviously you can get away wear this with jeans, since it is such a tiny sweater.  It comes with a great looking mesh color and skirt flap too.

How cute are my boot/sock things?  I am not sure what to call them… slippers?  They look like slippers I’ve seen RL, so I guess that could be?  Anyway, they are going to be available for The Arcade Gacha event coming up real soon!  Everyone loves gacha!  Plus, these happen to be uber cute and come in lots of fun color combos.

I forgot to mention this lovely new jewelry store that opened recently – Cae.  Caelan Hancroft is the creator behind the jewelry, and she really is doing such an impressive job with her original mesh creations. You should pay the shop a visit and pick up some pretty new adornments.

Finally I thought I should also mention the With Love Hunt is rapidly approaching.  This skin I am wearing will be one of the hunt items.  How can you beat such a lovely looking face for just 10L??  I am sure I will have more WLH items to share soon!

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Thought I’d share just a few more of my faves from this round of Collabor88!  Top, pants AND hair are all from the event.  In addition to what I am wearing this rustic barrel bath as well as the stone surround are also available there.

Shop Collabor88

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How To Be A Heartbreaker

So I bought boobs a few weeks ago, they aren’t something I can say I will really use.  I think, if you love them…awesome, more power to ya.  But for me personally, they are a little awkward looking.  I will say though, when I take them off and see how flat chested my avatar is, my RL boobs get a little sad for Fel.

So basically, this blog is dedicated to my boobs, in all their humongous glory.  Enjoy.

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Listen To Your Heart

This year is flying by so rapidly and here we are on another 8th!  Already November’s collabor88 has arrived and it seems to me that each month gets better.  The colors in this theme though… are some of my favorites.

Most of what you see is available at the event this month.  In the first image the hanging chair, display case, vase and the “coffee set” on the floor (the rest of the goodies are some of my personal collection over the years **note: the display case comes empty) .  In addition to the furniture my hair, dress, and jewelry are also available there.

In the later picture The entire set – all accessories are from Collabor88!  Beautiful isn’t it?  And of course I am also wearing clothing from the event – Bodysuit and jeans.

There is SO much goodness this round (as per usual) that I will need to revisit and share more soonish, in the meantime shop!

Visit collabor88

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Crazy For You


I finally managed to change my clothes today.  Think I’ve been wearing the same thing for the last week. =/  To celebrate this rare occasion I also decided to leave my skybox and venture out into the great wild Second Life!  Lucky for me I had the perfect destination in mind – Neva River.

With all that in mind I thought I’d blog, since I was there in a perfect picture location and wearing something new.  PLUS – It gives me the opportunity to make sure and push my political agenda to my fellow Americans.  I won’t discuss who I voted for, or try to push my opinions on you.. I do however implore you to get out there and vote.  If you don’t, I don’t want to hear any complaints these next 4 years!  =P

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It’s Time

I thought I’d share a few new faves… this brand new top, LOOOVE.  It is both cute and sexy, I am not sure how that happens, maybe it is kinda like me??  lol   This hair too…omg, just lovely – the style, length, and this sort of bang really works on my humongous forehead, so thanks.  Finally, this really beautiful jewelry set, it also has matching earrings, which you can’t see under all that hair, anyway I love the big bold ring most I think.

Speaking of lovely new things… How about this brand new MESH skybox?!  It comes with some furniture also, and there is a larger size as well.  You can rez it furnished or unfurnished and everything is messssshhh. Plus there is still lots of space for other pieces of furniture and another thing I really love about it is that it comes with a day/night setting.  The night setting illuminates the lighting around the skybox which really looks pretty.  In addition to that, I also REALLY appreciate that they’ve got a full bright on/off menu.  I love to use my WL settings, and when a home is created full bright and I can’t shut it off..that really deters me from purchasing.  Now you just have to wait for it to be released to go get yours!

This fantastic bed DOESN’T come with the skybox, sorry.  I had to share it anyway, This brown wood version is darling, with the patterned bedding set, beautiful isn’t it? It is full of really well thought out poses, and comes in a PG and Adult version.  Plus…if you don’t love this color combo, there are quite a few other ones!

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Couple things I wanted to mention this lovely Friday morning.  First, did you get this awesome new leather biker jacket?  If you haven’t you really need it!  It comes in a TON of colors, is MESH andddd is totally sexy too.  Just sayin’.

Next – How happy am I about the fact that my FAVORITE freckles are now being sold on their own?!  ANDDD they have darker layer options tooooo!  In this shot above I am wearing the body freckles AND the face freckles to give a more noticeable freckle look.  Love!

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Never Tear Us Apart

Isn’t this a great pose?  I love it so much, it says a lot to me…without being some sort of lovers embrace.  Holding hands is a very intimate thing, people don’t do it enough.

Annnnyway – There is a whole slew of new “Park” themed poses out, all just as amazing as this one!

Plus…I couldn’t resist using these great pumps, I ADORE this teal color they come in.  So much fun adding a splash of color with shoes.  It also gave me a chance to dig up some of my “old” clothing that I never can find.  And of course another opportunity to show off these awesomesauce new jeans.

This whole fall landscaping hasn’t gotten old yet, sorry.  You will have to suffer with more pics of me in my yard.  I promise I will get over it eventually!

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Living In The Moment

Pretty sure I could pull a very similar look together from my RL closet.  I <3 scarves and sweaters – sunglasses and big leather bags.  I love this look for all the bright colors, I tend to wear so much brown, so when I put on these GORGEOUS new mesh apricot colored jeans I decided to step outside my color comfort zone.  I  might have to stay in this for quite a while, I really do adore the look.

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