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Miss Movin’ On

I was SUPER excited to get this new dining room set that is available at The Neighborhood event!  I saw some sneak peeks of it during creation on plurk and I just knew it was going to be gorg – so ofc it is. It really is in all the little details… things like the ties on the seat cushions, or the bolts on the table legs.. and the gorgeous runners and tableware.

I also love this whole new collection of great decorative accessories you can see tucked i the corner – shelves, books, covered plants and paintings.  They are all worn, and fit perfect tucked into this beautiful rustic home. I happened to of just picked up this fall fireplace too and it comes all decorated just as it is – fabulous!

When I started decorating this room… it felt like an early Thanksgiving. Reminds me of a few years ago when I planned an SL Thanksgiving for my fellow american SLers.  It was such a lovely thing for all of us who were displaced and didn’t have plans.  Sometimes I miss things like that, when I’m not busy being a hermit on my platform.

Oh and while I am talking about being thankful for friends and stuff – - I was lucky enough to have a friend come and pose with me for this fantastical DOLLARBIE that you can pick up.  Yep.. this pose is just 1L$!  I think its great for friends, couples.. anything really.  Its cozy and sweet <3

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Let Me Go

I love this shirt so much, SO much actually I needed to say it twice. It does come in some printed patterns as well, but I haven’t really worn much pink lately, and I thought it looks so nice with these amazing new trousers I have.

And I totally forgot I took this pic to blog….and then never blogged it <3

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Hold On, We’re Going Home

I haven’t done a “simple” pic like this in a while, but I loved this look I was wearing so much, and I just wanted it to stand out on its own a bit.

My outfit and pendant are both from this new round of collabor88 – this sweater & skirt combo comes in a few different colors and I adore the belt that comes with the sweater.  Just perfect, really.

Visit Collabor88!

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Grow Old With Me

Since I am a blogging maniac today….here is another!

This lovely top I am wearing is a Gacha item that will be available at the upcoming 24 event.  It is really darling, I love the cut on it as well as the collar…and it looks super cute with my new skirt!

I also want to mention this fountain bridge which is also going to be available at The 24.  Not only is it impeccably crafted but it is packed with fantastic poses – singles and couples.  Love love loveeee it!

Definitely be sure to visit The 24 – it opens on August 23rd.  For more information and details visit their blog: Siren Productions

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I really don’t have much to say.  I mean, the pic is self-explanatory isn’t it?

I’m so in love with these soon to be released Bax boots that I’ve decided to change my wardrobe to all short skirts and well… not much else.

They are mesh, they are heavenly, and they come in lots of great colors.  But ohhh the black…

I don’t think you can handle this….

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Music To Make Boys Cry

August 8th is the 2nd birthday edition of Collabor88.  Which if you’ve got your clocks set – opens in approximately 9 hours (midnight SLT).   What is so special about Collab’s 2nd birthday you ask??  Well… They’ve invited all of the previous participants – whether they be guest or regular participant – to come back for this round! Which, in this case means we’ve got SEVENTY amazing creators giving you the things you MUST have.

I’m starting off by sharing just a very tiny sampling of the gorgeous that can be found at this round.  Can you guess the theme????? =P

This entire furniture set is being offered in two color combinations and every last bit of it can be found at Collabor88.

My hair is there as well, and comes in two styles.  This stunning dress comes in tons of beautiful colors which are completely perfect for the period of the theme, the whole dress is really – just perfect.  I think it might be my favorite thing thus far from Sissy – gorgeous job girl <3

Stunning Jewelry & Tiara, and my pose as well ALL from this round of Collabor88. I know you don’t need another reason…

Shop Collabor88 (when it opens!)

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Invisible Empire

I’ve done something NEW!!  But… I cannot promise it is very good, because I kinda suck.  Anyway, I made a video tutorial of myself editing this pic above.  I had a few people ask about how I get the vintage look/feel to my pics. So I took some time to go over the ways I touch up my pics and how I add the coloring to give the effect.

**Also.. a note about the video: I kinda screwed up because I created some of those layers before editing the pic (to try to make it all quicker)  but you would need to duplicate the image AFTER you’ve done all the actual editing…otherwise it is a bit pointless.  LOL =/

If you are looking for the windlight setting I used in the photo you can download it here.

Anywayyyyy I hope maybe you find some of the stuff I shared helpful, I cannot really promise much, I am just kinda wandering around PS and bumping into things for the most part!

The gorgeous Top and Skirt I’m wearing in this image is new and available at FAMESHED starting today!  The crop top has quite a few colors and some great fun patterns as well, and I adore the jean/ruffle skirt because you get the ruffles in both black and white, and the skirt does come in colors as well!

One last mention, this location – amazing isn’t it?? Britannia Island is the name of the place and I found it on KOINUP. I’ve been a slacker and not using that great resource, but I want to get out and explore a bit more.  Clearly I should look at the wonderful places you can find!!

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Little Wonders

I mentioned already, but I thought I’d share a few more gems from the amazing Love Donna Flora event <3

Shop Love Donna Flora!

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I Could Not Ask For More

Haven’t you always dreamed of wearing some amazing designer custom gown and walking the red carpet at a premiere with some dreamy guy on your arm? No?  Must just be me then.

At any rate – if this is a fun little fantasy you were looking to fulfill – you can totally do so at the Love Donna Flora event that is opening on the 25th.  This set with built-in poses (for singles AND couples) comes with the with the LDF logo backdrop.  AND this knockout gown I am wearing can be found there as well.

I also have a special personal interest as far as wanting you all to visit the event, you see…. I designed the sim, and I’m going to share a few shots that I took when I was all finished:

The sim has lots of great areas to take photos, especially in the little village I arranged at the top of the hill.  The entire sim has a very rustic Tuscan feel to it, and I can’t wait to hear what you all think…

Anyway, I really hope you take the time to go and pay a visit, there are well over 100 creators participating, and the proceeds raised are going to benefit “one of our own”, could there be a better reason to shop than helping a peer?  If you’d like more details about the event visit the Love Donna Flora Blog.

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I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before… but just in case – I love all things owl.  Pillows, kitchen decor, necklaces, candles, lamps, bookends… lolol… why not a purse??  God I wish I had this in RL!

So I thought I’d style it up to head out for an evening with the girl friends, great leather skirt and a beautiful ruffled collar shirt.  Skirt, top, earrings AND purse can all be found at Collabor88!

And this stunning bedroom?  Loving this whole home set tbh.  The dining room I shared yesterday matches perfectly with this bed set, and all the wood tones change to coordinate with each other.  There are some great bedding combos too and even the curtains can be changed to suit your needs.

Loving my SLife! <3
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