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Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?

I had the chance to visit Neva River a few days ago, and it really is such a beautiful sim, I encourage you to make the visit if you haven’t already!  The sim closes to the public after the 30th I believe, just fyi.

Neva River Sim

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The 2012 Pose Fair officially opened on the 15th.  There are 2 sims full of new poses like; Singles, Couples, Family & Props.  They’ve had some issues with lag, but hopefully its all under control now.

The pose/prop I am using in the image above can be found at the fair from What Next.  Each pose in this set is oriented around the camera, and there is a men’s set also!  Winter has done some other special Pose Fair poses and props also, even an intimate couples pose that you can get for free at her booth at the fair.

There is even a Pose Fair Flickr competition you can participate in with some amazing cash prizes!

Pose Fair runs until April 30th at Midnight SLT and here are the SLURLS;

Pose Fair North Landing Point

Pose Fair South Landing Point

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Beekeeper’s Daughter

Another month has quickly come and gone, and there is all sorts of amazing newness for Collabor88, starting today!

I am really impressed with this month’s selection.  I actually had a hard time narrowing down what I wanted to blog because I adored TONS of items.  Great pieces of clothing, hair, home accessories, jewelry, shoes…

Most of the things I’m sharing are available at Collabor88, check all my credits for complete details!

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Prettiest Friend

Prettiest Friend

I hope all of my friends who celebrate Thanksgiving had a wonderful one, however you choose to spend it!  I did the typical family thing at my Dad’s, we managed to all get along and none one got killed, so it was a good day in my book.

Anyway, now Thanksgiving is over, y’all are running the grid mad for your “Black Friday” steals…and I’m redecorating the sim!  It has a long way to go yet, but here is a little sneaky peek.  Besides it gave me a wonderful opportunity to show off this fantastic bicycle that What Next has out for Lazy Sunday.  It actually comes in 2 versions, I am using the red, but the blue is just as adorable.  It has 3 lovely poses built in as well!  Even if you just use it as a decorators piece, totally worth picking up.

Oh… and my boots!  Boooooots!  I swear all I ever talk about anymore are boots.  These lovelies can be worn with or without the sock, and they come in a lovely rainbow of gorgeous colors.  They have really fantastic buckles that run up the side of the boot as well, I should have gotten a better pic of that!  NEXT TIME!

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Just A Kiss

Nearly everything I’m wearing here is available at this month’s Collabor88!  The hair, blouse, jeans and scarf can all be found at the single location.  There is lots more that I LOVED, but I had to narrow it down, and ugh, it was tough.  There a handful of other gorgeous dresses, plus more hair…and some jewelry accessories!  Ohhh and furniture!  Oooh and for those of you who do the kitty thing, there is a special edition available at Collabor88 as well.

Go on, quit reading…shop.

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Brighter Than The Sun

Brighter Than The Sun

I think our friendship really started on Plurk, which honestly is where most of my friendships were formed, or at least how I’ve come to know of people.  But the first time I actually met Stacie Pryor in world, well, if I remember correctly anyway, was when she volunteered to be a model for a magazine spread I was working on.  Little did she know I’d be pairing her with Satan himself….sorry about that girl, really I am.  <3  LOL  Over the years I don’t think we’ve seen all that much more of each other, I could probably count the times I’ve seen her in SL on one hand.  However I do consider her a good friend, we manage to keep up on plurk, and I think she is a rather amazing woman.  And no, it isn’t just because she is a redhead, I swear… tho it helps!

I owe this great look to Stacie really, she suggested we blog these great new ponchos, picking which color I wanted was the hardest part!  We look amazing don’t we?  Yep.  And just by pure coincidence we are wearing flats and cuffed pants, I swear!

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It was New Year’s Eve 2008, and I was at a party at a friend’s house in SL, at the time I had no idea who Tricky was really, so when he showed up I wasn’t particularly impressed or anything.  Everyone was drinking, having a good time, and I think there was a lot of nakedness, I was newer to the group, and shy… OF COURSE, so I struck up a chat with the quiet guy (Tricky).  He had to leave abruptly, but promised he would catch up with me, and the rest as they say, is history.

Here we are nearly 3 years later, and he is probably just about my best friend in Second Life, as well as my boss.  There is no one I trust more than him, and we generally have the ability to be brutally honest with each other.  When I need help, he is the first person I go to, and he ALWAYS makes time for me.  That is saying a lot for someone who is buried up to his eyeballs constantly creating new skins.  I look up to him quite a bit as well, he is a very good businessman, but still manages to be extremely fair in nearly every situation.  We talk all day, everyday usually, and I tease him relentlessly (I am pretty sure it is my job description now), but I’ve no doubt that he knows how insanely important his friendship is to me now. <3

So we spent the day shopping and hanging out, he let me dress him too!  He doesn’t need the help mind you, he is one of best dressed men on the grid (imo).  I was already dressed, because I had went on a shopping spree for all of Juju’s new releases.  SO MUCH GOOD.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Green


I am not sure if this can *really* count as my 52 weeks – Green.  I have quite a bit of green in my inventory actually, so no lack of that Ican blame honestly.  I just really wanted to  use this sweater because it was the color green I had in my head, and I didn’t LOVE any of the othe green I paired with it.

This might wind up being one of my very last blog entries of the year.  I cannot believe Christmas has come and gone, and we are just about to New Year’s Eve.  But I can rant about that in my final blog of the year!

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Yellow


This week’s 52 is Yellow <3 I don’t actually wear a lot of yellow, so this was a serious struggle for me.  I tried to find a way to yellow up this skirt a little more, because I have never used it on my blog, and that is a serious shame.  I also managed to make it winter friendly, which is just a bonus.

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52 Weeks of Color Challenge: Goldenrod


Finally getting around to posting my color of the week from Luna’s blogger challenge.  I think this is my favorite of the 3 I’ve done so far, and it was all stuff I already had in my inventory, which is a huge bonus. Read More

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