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Love Runs Out

I really love the cut of this skirt and even the style of the top.  While it has that traditional peplum to it, there are some great cut outs on the sides that adds a little something different to it.

Both the top and skirt can be found at Collabor88 this month AND you can even find the shoes, with those perfect bows on them AND the lovely necklace there too!

Another mention is the hair, it has this slightly-messy-tossed up look to it, and then you add on those flowers..and it gives it such the romantic feel.

I’m just standing on the dock waiting for a date… speaking of the dock!  This is probably my favorite pier/dock, etc… set made yet.  I love that there are assorted pieces that can work to make it fit however you’ve decided to lay out your land.  All of the pieces come separately and there a couple pre-built as well just in case you’ve got the cooker cutter setup going for you!

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There Is A Stone

This pic maybe has been sitting on my flickr stream for a week or more.  But I am getting around to blogging it, so there you go!

The things you need to know:

I love this new >TRUTH< hair hard.  I also love this amazing new -Belleza- skin Ria…AND the gorg new dress from Baiastice.  Of course, I say “new”  but we all know I am a blogging slacker, so in fact the items have been out for a week or so now. Sorry.

Oh yeah…and how about this entire AH-MAH-ZING living room??  Just about everything you see here comes from the new set from Bazar.  I couldn’t love it all more.

I Wish I Could Break Your Heart

I was watching the video to the title of my blog post and there was a bit of bokeh here and there… so I thought oh… I should do something a little different with this post…how about some bokeh.

Yep, that is how my inspiration works – yer welcome.

hehehee… I am just sharing some more of my personal faves from this round of Collabor88.  Hair, Jewelry, Jacket and Skirt all came from this month’s round!  Fab huh?

Shop Collabor88

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Try Again

My SL home is an epic mess guys.  I have just random floating objects all over my living room – like pots and dishes from a kitchen that isn’t even there, one lonely chair and a bookcase sat awkwardly by my fireplace….  I am telling you this because I get all sorts of compliments on my decor and how nice my spaces always are, and I just want you to know that I am in fact a train wreck.

So don’t feel so bad about your house if you think it isn’t as well put together as mine.  It might appear that I am living in a new lovely space every other week but – The cake is a lie.

That all being said.. I do have 2 lovely bedrooms at the moment the above is the new one I decorated last night.  It is super girly I think, with the vanity and accessories and the gorgeous bed – Loving it really.

The vanity set (including the hat boxes, wall hanger, mirror and poof) are all available at collabor88 and so is the super cute music box which is animated AND plays music!  The shirt I am wearing can also be found there and it comes in a bunch of great colors – plus it includes a untucked version which is handy!

That gorgeous bed btw can be scooped up at The Garden, and it also comes in a few different versions including a cute kiddie one if you are in the market for that sorta thing! =)

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The Trouble With Love Is

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner now, all the Christmas decor has been tucked away for another year.  Now it is time to start thinking about our year, things we’ve done, promises we’ve made (to ourselves and others), accomplishments, failures, and start making our resolutions for the New Year.

Do you make resolutions?  Do you think they are worth it?  Maybe we should be accountable every day for living it with the same meaning as New Year’s Day.

Anyway, I took a pretty pic with some great new clothes and hair… details below the cut…

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Hold On

The holidays are nearly upon us.  And the moment Christmas ends we will be moving right on to our NYE plans, so with that in mind I thought I’d share a lovely gown that is absolutely perfect for your formal NYE partying!

I love this so much, I forget how much I do like to play dress up in SL sometimes <3

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I love this great set of expedition goodies from Consignment!  As soon as I saw the items at the Arcade I knew I was going to need a fancy new hat and boots!  =P

It was fun setting up for this and piecing it all together, but I do think some of the accessories that can be won at the machine can even be fun in your home for decor.  Definite must play machine – everything is so highly detailed, even down to the fun tent/table pieces so you can become an archaeologist.

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I Can’t Describe

Problem I am having with Shoetopia is there are just too many shoes that I adore.  What makes it even worse is I have so little TIME to do much blogging lately.

So… I am going to share a couple of random shots I took featuring a few pairs I am in love with.  And then maybe I will do that again later this week. I would blog each one separately, but we both know that might take me forever.   In the image above, those stunning heels are just divine, aren’t they??  And the giant shoe is a Shoetopia gacha! You need them all, yep.

I thought maybe I ought to cover up a little more and show something that is going to be coming into season!  These boots are absolutely perfect for this coming winter in SL I love the fur detail and the fact that the hud lets to change them up to suit your look. Read More

Let Me Go

I love this shirt so much, SO much actually I needed to say it twice. It does come in some printed patterns as well, but I haven’t really worn much pink lately, and I thought it looks so nice with these amazing new trousers I have.

And I totally forgot I took this pic to blog….and then never blogged it <3

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I had a completely different way I was going with this look.  It was going to be tame, and simple. However I got completely distracted and had quite the mood change, so Fel’s got her “Nothin’ but trouble” face on. LOL

Annnnnyway.  I really just wanted to show off a few more of my faves from this round of Collabor88.  The legwarmers, bodysuit and jewelry are all available there this month!

Shop Collabor88

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