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Everything Has Changed

I spent some time yesterday completely absorbing myself in Photoshop and trying some different techniques.  I’ve gotten lazy with shadows, and sometimes hardly edit my pics – which is good for blogging because you get to see the products “as is”.  However, it isn’t great for me learning etc.  So the image you see above is the finished product but just so you can see where I started here is the before:

What spurred me to not use shadows are these amazing looking teeth that were just released.  There are so many different options even some ADORABLE braces!!  But they don’t show up when I’ve got my shadows on.  So I decided to not be lazy and put a little effort in!

Anyway – Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and stay dry!

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Feel This Moment

I adore the jewels on this necklace and how detailed they are.  Bold statement jewelry like this is some of my favorite. It happens to come in an assortment of colors as well, just so you know.  The earrings (which you cannot see) are also darling.

I thought this simple, but gorgeously created dress really suited the jewelry well…just a small bit of trim detail on the collar but the actual texture of the dress is really lovely. It also comes in a slew of colors!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday <3

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Heaven Knows

Seems as though my time to blog is few and far between lately.  My solution was to let my 8-year-old dress Felicity.

Leopard roller skates, leather pants, and a pink spike studded corset top. Fantastic.

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The Lucky Ones

When a good creator comes back to us… we are all weak in the knees.  Particularly when they’ve come back with something as lovely as my new skin.  Tuli has made her return, if you haven’t yet heard.  I love the dimples on this skin, and how soft and pretty she is!

In addition to Tuli’s return I’ve got some gawwwgeous new clothes!  I adore this tank, especially with this muted print on it, and the cardigan that hangs off the shoulders but suits it so well.  And these pants, god.. mesh has just made pants so GOOD!  I love the fit/shape this gives to the hips, and the great thin belt accent.  Just darling.  And of course… still loving every single pair of these new shoes.

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Dance Again

I’ve had an amazing vacation in DISNEY!  Now I am home, and usually there is that little bit of post-vacation blues, but not this time! I can’t seem to stop smiling lately. Maybe its these amaaaaazing jeans that were waiting for me when I got home?  Messssh, how I <3 you.

It’s good to be home!

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What Can I Say?

I haven’t had a chance to browse the feeds, but I am sure my look, and the scenery are probably splattered all over already.  I couldn’t help myself though…this stuff is too good not to share.  Everything – Clothing, Accessories..and Build… perfection.

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Part Of Me

Today is the opening of the EPOCH Legend event.  I haven’t actually ventured over yet, but from the images I’ve seen and what I’ve heard it truly is a must visit.  There are 4 sims, 3 with themes; Beast, Clowning, Art of Escher and the landing sim is a Creator’s Cafe.  As I said the event starts today and it runs through March 11th, there are a TON of amazing creators involved with unique items available to purchase.  For complete details check out the site: http://red-thumbtack.com/epoch-legend/

This deck chair and side table set can be found on the Art of Escher themed sim.  what next’s creation was inspired by the geometric patterns and symmetry of Escher’s work, which you can see in the pattern on the chair cloth.  The set comes with lots of sits/props, as well as the table decor, and there is another chair which I’ve not pictured.  PLUS, you can get it in another color combo!

Obviously you can pick this up at the EPOCH event, all the more reason to visit!

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Turn Me On

Friday night, 2 SLingle ladies looking for trouble.

Shyla Diggs and I had a little fun last night, can’t you tell?? ;) I told her I was looking to blog a new koinup places location, and the trouble was mostly narrowing it down to WHICH one.  (If you still haven’t checked that out, you really must, they’ve got some great suggestions on places to visit, the list goes on and on) However, when I showed her the The Mother Road sim, we quickly decided on biker chick, and ran out shopping.

As soon as I landed at Lapointe & Bastchild and saw these leather jackets, I grabbed her over and we giggled.  Not sure if you notice, but of course Shy has the UK Union Flag, and I am rockin’ the US Stars and Stripes.  I wish there was more shopping to share, but other than the belt I picked up, everything was stuff we had in our inventory.  I guess we both have a little bad girl hidden away somewhere…

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Better Together

New skin, new hair, new clothes and accessories!  Sometimes you just need to put on a bunch of pretty new things to distract yourself a bit.

This is a new skin that will soon have a full release, I saw all the lovely ladies on my plurk timeline wearing it and promptly ran over to demo.  I generally expect that I WON’T like any other skins, but I just LOVED this soon as I got it on.

This dress I’m wearing is pretty fantastic too isn’t it?  The accessories are sold in the same store, and it really does change the whole look for me.

Alright, that’s all I got for today y’all… my throat is sore, and I think I am getting sick again.  Please let this freakin’ winter end already.

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What Hurts The Most

Did you know there is a sale going on at select stores at Truth District? Yep!  Aren’t I helpful?

Well, if you are in the mood to shop (who isn’t) I’ve put together this look using some great MESH items – This dress and earrings, both can be found at Truth District for 50% off!!  They come in tons of colors, and the dress also comes in a dot version instead of stripes as well!

And since we are talking about Truth District, of course I have to wear the new Truth hair…looove. <3

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