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I’m not opposed to Valentine’s Day.  I don’t cringe at the thought of it, I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to spend a day showing someone who you care for that they are special.

Despite all that I don’t think you need a designated day for it, if you love someone you should tell them as often as you feel it.  Who knows how long they will be in your life, and you should never have any regrets!

So Happy Valentines Day to all those who are sharing it with someone, and if you don’t have a special someone to share with, do something special for yourself, you’re worth it! <3

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52 Weeks Of Color Challenge: Red

I Would Live in Your Love

I would live in your love as the sea-grasses live in the sea,
Borne up by each wave as it passes, drawn down by each wave that

I would empty my soul of the dreams that have gathered in me,
I would beat with your heart as it beats, I would follow your soul
as it leads.

by Sara Teasdale

I waited to post my 52 Weeks Of Color Challenge until today, because the color is red.  I am thrilled I did wait, because I wound up changing my dress since this AMAZING one turned up last night.

Hoping all of you enjoyed your Valentine’s Day, if you are anything like me…it isn’t the gift, but the gesture, and the person giving it that really matter.  And more so, that you can give of yourself without expecting anything in return.  That is what love is about, right?

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Give You My Heart

Give You My Heart

Here is the 2nd of the 50L$ gifts from Belle Belle, honestly, it is making me all sorts of excite for the next gifts because this is quite the *bang* for your buck!  This rug comes with the adorable pillow featuring a boy stick figure giving his heart to the girl stick figure.  Which is why it is so cleverly named – Give You My Heart.  So besides the really well done look of it..it also happens to be one of those “passion inside”  menu driven rugs!! You get tons of couples poses, one entire menu full of cuddles, and the other full of kisses.  wooohooo <333

*Special thanks to Hunain Bellic for being my cuddle partner, and for being my friend <3 – - We are both wearing a tattoo that he is working on as a special for Valentine’s Day for his store HUZ TATS, and it is awesome.  You will have to nag him about those details!

In Love With A Daisy

Valentine's Gift

So we are just a week out from Valentine’s Day now, which means all of you lovely ladies and gents should be looking for, or have already sorted out a gift for your significant other. If you are still looking, Belle Belle is doing a great job starting today, of providing everyone with some clever (and inexpensive) gifts!

The above is the lovely gift box that the item will arrive in, all set to be given to your loved one.  Which for 50L$ is worth it alone, however you do also get the adorable poof I am sitting on below…

In Love With A Daisy

It comes with 4 sitting animations, and really, even if you are just buying it for yourself… too cute to pass up.

Every day until Valentine’s Day Belle Belle will be releasing yet another 50L$ gift for whomever you might like to be yours.

I am also wearing some adorable new pajamas that are a total bargain for the next day.  You can get a set with 3 different color options for just 100L$!!

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