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Love Runs Out

I really love the cut of this skirt and even the style of the top.  While it has that traditional peplum to it, there are some great cut outs on the sides that adds a little something different to it.

Both the top and skirt can be found at Collabor88 this month AND you can even find the shoes, with those perfect bows on them AND the lovely necklace there too!

Another mention is the hair, it has this slightly-messy-tossed up look to it, and then you add on those flowers..and it gives it such the romantic feel.

I’m just standing on the dock waiting for a date… speaking of the dock!  This is probably my favorite pier/dock, etc… set made yet.  I love that there are assorted pieces that can work to make it fit however you’ve decided to lay out your land.  All of the pieces come separately and there a couple pre-built as well just in case you’ve got the cooker cutter setup going for you!

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Try Again

My SL home is an epic mess guys.  I have just random floating objects all over my living room – like pots and dishes from a kitchen that isn’t even there, one lonely chair and a bookcase sat awkwardly by my fireplace….  I am telling you this because I get all sorts of compliments on my decor and how nice my spaces always are, and I just want you to know that I am in fact a train wreck.

So don’t feel so bad about your house if you think it isn’t as well put together as mine.  It might appear that I am living in a new lovely space every other week but – The cake is a lie.

That all being said.. I do have 2 lovely bedrooms at the moment the above is the new one I decorated last night.  It is super girly I think, with the vanity and accessories and the gorgeous bed – Loving it really.

The vanity set (including the hat boxes, wall hanger, mirror and poof) are all available at collabor88 and so is the super cute music box which is animated AND plays music!  The shirt I am wearing can also be found there and it comes in a bunch of great colors – plus it includes a untucked version which is handy!

That gorgeous bed btw can be scooped up at The Garden, and it also comes in a few different versions including a cute kiddie one if you are in the market for that sorta thing! =)

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I love this great set of expedition goodies from Consignment!  As soon as I saw the items at the Arcade I knew I was going to need a fancy new hat and boots!  =P

It was fun setting up for this and piecing it all together, but I do think some of the accessories that can be won at the machine can even be fun in your home for decor.  Definite must play machine – everything is so highly detailed, even down to the fun tent/table pieces so you can become an archaeologist.

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Just Another Girl

The Arcade starts tomorrow!

The grid is bubbling with excitement – everyone making their lists, deciding on a plan of action.  Whether it will be to patiently wait to trudge through the sea of lag at The Arcade and dump thousands of L$ into the machine(s) of choice.  OR perhaps they will choose to scour all of the yard sales in search of their crowning jewel in their ever growing collection of STUFF.

We all need stuff, don’t we?  STUFF is what makes us happy.

I just did a quick post of a very few of the fab items that can be found starting tomorrow:

Skin: -Belleza- (Tricky Boucher)
Hair/Dress: ::Exile:: (Kavar Cleanslate)
Owl Necklace: MG (Maxi Gossamer)
Igloo: {what next} (Winter Thorn)

All of them exclusively available at The Arcade.  \o/


I’ve had an insaneeee amount of new home and decor items come in the last week or so.  What I think is really amazing is how far SL creators have come in so much that I can put so many items from different creators together and they all still work – because they are that realistic.

Seeing as how this all felt very seasonal to me I put together this fantastic set for Autumn.  I really do wanna just cozy up by that fire and sip some warm cider!

Quite a few of the items here are available at the all new round of The Liaison Collaborative’s Garden event. They’ve done a fantastic job with their theme this month and you can really dive right into the season with a quick visit!

Visit TLC!

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Now Is The Start

I was lucky enough to have this amazing home given to me by a brand new home creator – Roost Homes.  I’ve had it a couple of weeks now because I’ve had so may projects in my hands.

However I was really eager to take a shot of it to share with everyone.  This home is MESH…which is awesome, and how impressive for a new store?! This version is the smaller, and while it only has 2 bedrooms the great room is wide and open, really perfect for a lot of different styles.

Few other thing I wanted to share – these DARLING rocking chairs on the porch!  Omg they have mens and womens poses in them, and they come with different pillows, really perfect for the fall feel.

Also, how bout the new color changing options on our favorite trees??? Fall, Winter…etc.. now it will be easy as a click of a button – YES!  And finally, this amazing pathway and fencing set, also has some color options, but really fantastic for a lot of different uses, and as always brilliantly created!

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Take Me

I hate that I take pics to blog and am so busy that it takes me like a week before I even get around to sharing the credits!

BUT….at any rate I’m finally getting to this lovely bedroom I’ve pieced together. The bed was the focal point/inspiration piece here.  My absolute favorite colors are these coral/turquoise mixes. I just adore this bed…the patterns and colors are perfection for me!  You can find the bed at this month’s round of The Liaison Collaborative – Garden!

I decided on the coral wall color and then to add little touches of the turquoise all around the room to tie it all together.

Hope the space inspires you!

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Where I Sleep

How gorgeous is this bed?  Guess what? … It is packed with some AMAZING mocap poses, really fantastic original stuff.  It also has quite a few texture change options, and the bench and nightstands all work off the one menu – changing together seamlessly.

I highly recommend the set to anyone in the market, have a stop by the store – There are lots more mesh furnishings coming soon too – so you will have to visit often!

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Summer Home 2013 Pt. V

Last room in the house to share is the bathroom.  It is a really simple space I think, but very inviting all the same…

Since I’ve shared the rest of the house I thought you might like a peek at the entry/hallway area as well!

And to finish things off… a little sneak peek out back at my patio!

Hope you enjoyed having a look at my home and that you were inspired with some ideas for your own spaces!  I love sharing mine and am always looking for new interesting things to add to my spaces… maybe I will even stay here a while?

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Summer Home 2013 Pt. IV

We are nearing the end of the home tour, but of all the rooms in my home the bedroom might be my favorite!  I love the double doors that open onto the patio and the view in the distance of the woods.  AND I love this bedroom set, I love the colors and pattern options and I love the really elegant rich feel of it, especially in this space.

You had better believe those items I worked my ass off to win at The Arcade are going to get  used!  =P

Wanna know where it all came from?  Check below the cut…

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