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Here Comes The Rain Again

Collabor88 has a really fun theme this month!  I love all of the things the creators have come together to make it work too.

I’m sharing a few of my faves – The umbrella, hair, top and skirt are all from this round!

I love the flower that is on the underside of this great umbrella, and there are a few cute poses to hold it, this one worked well with the pose I was using on the balcony.

One of those great things I’ve mentioned before about collabor88 is that you can piece together different tops/bottoms and they all work so well when everyone is working off the same theme – which is exactly what I did here.

And finally this skybox!  I LOVE it…so much that I’ve set up my new residence in it.  It is set to a rainy theme, and comes complete with the rain! Love!  I thought I’d share some interior shots so you can see just what a perfect layout it has (besides being absolutely gorgeous to look at):

For me – small spaces are ideal.  I like to be able to fill them up with all of my favorite things and make it feel just like home. So the “studio” feel of this space suits me perfect.  While the bedroom/living/kitchen are all open they still have definite defining spaces.  Plus the perfect roomy bathroom.  So happy to be “home”!

Visit collab to check all these great finds out!
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Almost Home

I took some pics over the weekend (see above) for the blog.  The first image of the AMAZING new tree house – which is available at Collabor88 right now – was featured on Flickr explore over the weekend.  I was so hugely flattered that they chose my picture and now I am pretty sure I will NEVER have another picture with that many views LOL!  Anyway, most of the credit is due to Cory Edo and her incredible skills as a mesh creator in Second Life.  So I cannot take entirely too much praise for it!

Annnnywho, I have lots of other goodies to share from collab besides the remarkable home.  Hair, Necklace, Top, and skirt – ALL available at Collabor88, and I’ve again mixed up some clothing from different designers.  <3

Oh! AND The lovely table, chairs and bunting can all also be found at collab, like you need more reason to visit?!
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Heart Attack

Favorite. Collabor88 Event. EVER.  The theme this round is New Romance.  Everything is pretty colors, soft, feminine.  Lovely.

I will probably need to blog another dozen times to share all the things I am loving this round. So you might just want to head over and buy it all in the meantime!

What I’m wearing from Collabor88?  Hair, Necklace, Top & Skirt!  AND my pose is also from the event.  I mixed things up by combining a shirt from one creator and a skirt from another, which really…isn’t that the idea of collab?  Love when things go together so well!

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I Bruise Easily

This month’s Collabor88 is full of fun vibrant colors!  I particularly loved this top and skirt, the bold pattern of the top with the softer skirt.  Makes me feel like spring is just around the corner.  Meanwhile they are expecting a blizzard up north!  Ooops!

In addition to the lovely dress you can also find this hair, ring, hat and EVEN the wild makeup I’m rocking.. all at Collabor88!

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Sad Beautiful Tragic

I finally decided to put some clothes on.  Mainly because I had these fantastic new pants that needed wearing.  They are mesh, and the bow belt is color change via hud.  I thought I’d dress them up a bit since I had this fur tippet/necklace set I’ve been meaning to use.  Plus… hello gorgeous new hand bag that was just released = Perfection!

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Collab time y’all!  I’m particularly excited this round because Apple is guesting with a fantastic collab between Apple Fall & Scarlet Creative.   Apple made this gorgeous home you see in the images above, it is an old redone barn house and the lovely Charlotte made furniture and accessories to compliment it.  You need it all trust me…and the price…a STEAL!

I did manage to throw on some new clothes from this round too!  This top is great, and suits the jeans that were released by the creators months ago.  Plus, gorgeous new hair paired with an adorable headband annndddd beautiful timeless jewelry.

Go on and shop, there is a ton you simply must acquire!

Collabor88 SLURL

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Don’t You Worry Child

Annnnnd I’m back with more Collab-goodness!  I think these scarves *might* be my favorite of all of this round’s items.  I do love scarves, and these are cute with a lovely bow detail.  This hair is pretty amazing as well though, and so is this dress….and the ring… *sigh*  I’m even wearing a darling skin that is available at the event!

So much good!

Shop Collabor88

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Just One Last Time

Collabor88‘s December round started this weekend, on the first night of Hanukkah.  So… Happy Hanukkah to ME!  =P

Tons of lovely winter items this round and I’ve got so much to share I will keep the talk short and sweet – I’m wearing Hair, Jewelry, Vest & Blouse all from the event.

Visit Collabor88

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Listen To Your Heart

This year is flying by so rapidly and here we are on another 8th!  Already November’s collabor88 has arrived and it seems to me that each month gets better.  The colors in this theme though… are some of my favorites.

Most of what you see is available at the event this month.  In the first image the hanging chair, display case, vase and the “coffee set” on the floor (the rest of the goodies are some of my personal collection over the years **note: the display case comes empty) .  In addition to the furniture my hair, dress, and jewelry are also available there.

In the later picture The entire set – all accessories are from Collabor88!  Beautiful isn’t it?  And of course I am also wearing clothing from the event – Bodysuit and jeans.

There is SO much goodness this round (as per usual) that I will need to revisit and share more soonish, in the meantime shop!

Visit collabor88

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Edge Of Seventeen

Collabor88 is open with a whole new collection.  This round is full of all kinds of fun stuff!  I’ll have lots to share, but I thought I’d start off with this sweet and sexy sailor suit - The top and skirt come in assorted colors and are mesh, so they look just as fantastic in world.

I’m also sporting new hair from the event and isn’t it a fab bob sort-of do, even the color is super cute.  The lip earrings can be found at Collabor88 as well, there is even a necklace available that brings me back to my childhood – remember those plastic charm collections??Love!

Visit Collabor88

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