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Invisible Empire

I’ve done something NEW!!  But… I cannot promise it is very good, because I kinda suck.  Anyway, I made a video tutorial of myself editing this pic above.  I had a few people ask about how I get the vintage look/feel to my pics. So I took some time to go over the ways I touch up my pics and how I add the coloring to give the effect.

**Also.. a note about the video: I kinda screwed up because I created some of those layers before editing the pic (to try to make it all quicker)  but you would need to duplicate the image AFTER you’ve done all the actual editing…otherwise it is a bit pointless.  LOL =/

If you are looking for the windlight setting I used in the photo you can download it here.

Anywayyyyy I hope maybe you find some of the stuff I shared helpful, I cannot really promise much, I am just kinda wandering around PS and bumping into things for the most part!

The gorgeous Top and Skirt I’m wearing in this image is new and available at FAMESHED starting today!  The crop top has quite a few colors and some great fun patterns as well, and I adore the jean/ruffle skirt because you get the ruffles in both black and white, and the skirt does come in colors as well!

One last mention, this location – amazing isn’t it?? Britannia Island is the name of the place and I found it on KOINUP. I’ve been a slacker and not using that great resource, but I want to get out and explore a bit more.  Clearly I should look at the wonderful places you can find!!

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Make Me Fall

Few things are better than when a group of talented creators come together and create themed items for an event.   So what could possibly make THIS event so fab?  Well, for the creators who were selected to participate are BEYOND talented, and for another… SUMMER themed!

I’m wearing the most amazing new bikini, the flower details on the top are just perfection, and it is mesh – so they really do come to life!  I’m also wearing a preview of the upcoming new Belleza skin; Ashley.  AND Alon and I are seated on this cozy lifeguard chair.  It comes with lots of single poses and even a couple COUPLE poses =)

All of these great things can be found at Summerfest ’13.

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I Want Crazy

This open-backed halter top and skirt are such great spring/summer wear.  The colors they come in are so complimentary to the season, and they will work with oodles of other mesh clothing I bet!  The open back on the top makes it a bit sexy and the print on the skirt is so playful.

Definitely one of my faves this season!  I thought this short hair style suited the look perfectly, and this green shadowed special edition makeup really brought out my lovely new green eyes as well!

Eyes, Skin, Skirt & Top all available at this round of The Liaison Collaborative.

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Every now and again y’all need an ass shot – don’tcha?

Well at any rate I really wanted show off this beyond amazing corset that just came out.  It comes in a couple of great colors, and as you can see from the back detail its been meticulously created.  I wish I’d shot a front view so you could see the buckles that run down the front, REALLY well done.  You can wear it with the added bottom-skirtish pieces or not (I’ve got them on for this shot).

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Hey Love

A few special things I wanted to share this morning:

First, The Liaison Collaborative’s first round of The Garden just opened and I am sharing this absolutely adorable set!  The Caravan itself is full of cute poses and the interior has a great little kitchen.  There is stool seeing outside, plus the lovely table with Tea dispenser and accessories.  Something perfect for some spring fun!

Second, have you visited the all new Baiastice sim? It has an entirely new build – which is gorgeous!  I’m wearing a new release that coincides with the sim revamp.  The hat, top and shorts come in lots of really great colors and everything is mesh!

On a side note…SHOES!  That is all I have to say about that.

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Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not?

I had the chance to visit Neva River a few days ago, and it really is such a beautiful sim, I encourage you to make the visit if you haven’t already!  The sim closes to the public after the 30th I believe, just fyi.

Neva River Sim

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Melt My Heart To Stone

New round of FaMESHed has just begun!  This bedroom set (Bed, Trunk, Lamps leaning wall art & side table) is available at the event.  The bed comes with a slew of different texture options to make it fit your other decor just perfectly and is also packed with oodles of poses.

The dress I am wearing can also be found there, and is mesh, ofc.  So cute isn’t it?

Other mentions –  The hanging wall art will be available at the upcoming Mens Dept.  So yes ladies, you will need to visit (not that you wouldn’t to scope out all the cute guys anyways?!)

And finally:  Today is the last day of the first round of Belleza Best Buys.  If you’ve not heard of it yet I will give a quick explanation:  First weekend of each month Belleza will be hosting a 3 day sale on exclusive skins at AMAZING discounted prices.  This month we’ve got 3 women’s makeups and 2 special men’s skins as well!

I am wearing one of the women’s specials… how GORG is this makeup?!?!  So yeah, you’d better run over there and get them before they go to regular pricing!!

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The Lucky Ones

When a good creator comes back to us… we are all weak in the knees.  Particularly when they’ve come back with something as lovely as my new skin.  Tuli has made her return, if you haven’t yet heard.  I love the dimples on this skin, and how soft and pretty she is!

In addition to Tuli’s return I’ve got some gawwwgeous new clothes!  I adore this tank, especially with this muted print on it, and the cardigan that hangs off the shoulders but suits it so well.  And these pants, god.. mesh has just made pants so GOOD!  I love the fit/shape this gives to the hips, and the great thin belt accent.  Just darling.  And of course… still loving every single pair of these new shoes.

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Never Tear Us Apart

Isn’t this a great pose?  I love it so much, it says a lot to me…without being some sort of lovers embrace.  Holding hands is a very intimate thing, people don’t do it enough.

Annnnyway – There is a whole slew of new “Park” themed poses out, all just as amazing as this one!

Plus…I couldn’t resist using these great pumps, I ADORE this teal color they come in.  So much fun adding a splash of color with shoes.  It also gave me a chance to dig up some of my “old” clothing that I never can find.  And of course another opportunity to show off these awesomesauce new jeans.

This whole fall landscaping hasn’t gotten old yet, sorry.  You will have to suffer with more pics of me in my yard.  I promise I will get over it eventually!

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My Oh My

Doesn’t Sophia look great in orange??  I think in this skin/tone she looks amazing in orange.

Anyway… We both loved these fantastic new jackets so we decided to blog them together.  I love blogging with Soph, she and I have similar yet different tastes and whenever we wear the same item it is interesting to see how the styling turns out for each of us.

Oh and one more thing…How amazing is this big hair I just bought??  Love.

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